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Can a Bridge Be Made on an Implant and Connect to a Tooth

I have an implant on the upper right first molar. Can a bridge be made by connecting the third molar to the implant because I have just lost the... READ MORE

Implant or Bridge For A Bad Front Tooth?

When I was in middle school (now 21) I fell and injured one of my front teeth. I have had three root canals, and a surgery to remove the root of my... READ MORE

I Had Tooth #18 Extracted 20-25 Yrs Ago. Can I Now Have It Replaced with an Implant or is It Too Late?

It was replace with a bridge when it was extracted (false tooth for #18 attached to a crown for #19) and now the crown on #19 has broken. I am in the... READ MORE

Is it less of a hassle to have dental implant instead of a regular bridge?

How Much More Do Implants Cost Than Dental Bridges? Would implants last longer than dental bridge? Would there be a cost savings in the long run? and... READ MORE

Implants Vs. Dental Bridge?

I have two baby teeth on my lower middle teeth. I had a ct scan for my lower teeth and it showed that I didn't have enough bones, so my dentist... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Save Crowns on a Bridge to Make Room for an Implant?

I have a three unit bridge with short rooted but not mobile crowned abutment teeth. I would like an implant in the pontic area but I want to minimize... READ MORE

Dental Bridge Put in at 17 Years Old. Now 36 and Am Very Subconcious of the Gum Recession and Size of Teeth.

I flipped over my bike at the age of 13 and knocked out one front tooth and rotated the other. After 4 years of braces (with a fake tooth attached to... READ MORE

Implant for Each Missing Maxillary Incisor Tooth?

In the future, I will likely lose my maxillary central and lateral incisors due to genetically short roots, braces caused even shorter roots, and one... READ MORE

All on 6, upper full arch fixed bridge dental implants with BMP bone grafting. Is $45,000 a reasonable cost?

Surgery 1: Remove front 6 teeth, Ridge preservation grafts #6-11, Particulate Grafts #6-11, Bone Morphogenetic Protein x2, General Anesthesia,... READ MORE

Bridge and porcelain crown on front four teeth or implant to replace front tooth?

I have to have my front right tooth removed due to 3 failed root canals and a chronic underlying infection. Since I am forced to do dental work I... READ MORE

Can a 4 Tooth Bridge Be Attached at One End to an Implant and the Other End to an Original Tooth?

Can a 4 tooth bridge be attached at one end to an implant and the other end to an original tooth? I've been told that this is not possible because the... READ MORE

Implant After 20 Years of a Three Unit Dental Bridge?

How difficult is it to have an implant placed (#8 tooth) if there has been a three unit bridge in place for 20 years? What type of bone grafting can... READ MORE

Should I live in this misery or have a bridge to fix my horrible buck teeth? (photos)

I have an over bite and my top front teeth stick out far too much! I'm already having treatment for a deep root canal in one of my four front teeth,... READ MORE

Because of perndonal I had my 4 front bottom teeth removed and a Maryland bridge was put in?

It has been over 25 years and now the bridge is loose do I need to replace it or what can I do? READ MORE

My Temp Bridge is Yellow? (photo)

I was in the process of getting a bridge added for a missing tooth. I got the temp in but before I could go back for the actual bridge my former... READ MORE

When matching the upper front bridge to my natural teeth, should it match the lower front teeth in yellow undertones?

When matching the upper front bridge to my natural teeth, should it match the lower front teeth in yellow undertones? Or should it be made to match... READ MORE

How can I convince my dentist to have his lab make me a new temporary flipper?His office staff are doubtful as it is temporary .

Yesterday had 4 implants with bone graft to support new upper bridge.have flipper while healing.Following day after swelling subsided, note aesthetic... READ MORE

Is a cemented fixed bridge my only option for a ok teeth?

Ive had bad teeth all my life recently i got a bottom tooth pulled because it was loose due to bone loss i had a deep cleaning done and dentist said... READ MORE

I only have one upper molar on me left side and I'm about to get my 2 upper molars on my right side extracted. I'm very worried?

Hi, I currently have an implant on 14. 15 is rotted out and I'm awaiting to get an implant there but currently there is no tooth at all because the... READ MORE

Implant or Bridge?

I am 42 and am soon going to loose one of my upper central. My teeth overall on the top front are crowded and i have a fix bridge at the back. Would... READ MORE

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