Bone Graft + Dental Implants

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How Long Should I Wait to Get Dental Implants After Extraction?

I will have two teeth extracted soon. One has an infection and it will need bone grafting. How long can I wait to get implants? Do I get both at the... READ MORE

Does the Bone Grafting for Dental Implants Hurt?

Does the Bone Grafting for Dental Implants Hurt? It sounds very painful. READ MORE

Is Bone Grafting Done Immediately After the Infected Tooth is Extracted?

I had a consultation with a periodontist and I will be extracting the infected tooth soon. I have not been prescribed anything for the infection and... READ MORE

What Are the Risks (Long Term and Short Term) of Using Cadaver Bone Graft Before Dental Implant?

What are the risks (long term and short term) of using cadaver bone graft before dental implant? Would it be better to just have the tooth (last molar... READ MORE

I Had a Tooth Extraction and Bone Graft 8 Days Ago Pain is Worse Today?

On Dec 1st the tooth extraction and bone graft was done on the lower left molar. Went to the dentist yesterday morning and told him the pain is... READ MORE

Can You Get Dry Socket with a Bone Graft? How Do You Detect This?

I had tooth #14 extracted due to abcess and bone graft placed on 8/2/13. I have had worsening pain since Monday.I've only experienced slight relief... READ MORE

Pain when Pressing on Crown After Loading of Dental Implant Crown?

I had a 2nd implant done on tooth 8. went through a bone graft waited 4 months then implant placement and waited another 8 months. All seemed well -... READ MORE

Is It Normal for Bone Graft to Be Added 4 Months After Dental Implants Have Already Been Placed?

I have had two dental implants put in about 4 months ago after missing my two bicuspids for several years. Gums have shrunk severely, however on the... READ MORE

Are my Gums Healing Well? Preparing for Implant and Crown (Middle Tooth) (photo)

The tooth was extracted 10 days ago -had some bone loss before and during the extraction.Are my gums healing normally?Will these vertical cuts/dents... READ MORE

What Happens to Bone Graft if I Do Not Place an Implant for a Few Years?

If I have a bone graft but do not place an implant for 2 to four years what will happen to the area grafted? Will the bone begin to recede in this... READ MORE

Dental Gum Flap from Bone Graft?

Hi, I had a dental bone graft a week ago. I was prescribed mouthwash and pain meds. At three days my stitches holder came out. Today my face is very... READ MORE

Can a Dental Bone Graft on Tooth #8 Cause Nasal Swelling?

About 6 weeks ago i had tooth #8 extracted and a bone graft in preparation for a dental implant. Now I notice my right nostril is thicker and hard.... READ MORE

Should bone graft be re-stitched? Can it continue to heal if the incision is slightly open? Antibiotics are finished (Photo)

6 days ago I had my back molar extracted and a bone graft in preparation for a future dental implant. The sutures are dissolving and it appears the... READ MORE

14 days after dental molar extraction and bone graft and still having intense pain? Abx entire time now. (Phoot)

I had a root canal and crown on this tooth 3 yrs ago, began having pain again 1 mo ago, general dentist said infected and needs extracted. 14 days ago... READ MORE

What Are the Chances of Bone Regeneration when Implants Are Placed Without Any Bone Graft?

I've had two bicuspids missing for several years and there was severe bone loss. I finally was able to get the two implants in about a month ago... READ MORE

Dental Implant Cost and Treatment time, Number of Visits? (photo)

Hi, I need following Treatment and please provide me total cost and time period and nos of visit, 1. 14-15 teeth Extraction. 2, 6Upper and 6 lower... READ MORE

Can infection from dental abscess prevent socket graft and delay bone graft until after extracted tooth heals?

I have an abscessed tooth #30. The Periodontist will extract the abscessed tooth and put collagen plugs in the socket to aid healing and is using a... READ MORE

Swelling Wont Go 1 Year After Bone Graft Upper Maxilla? (photo)

I had bone taken from my hip and placed in my upper maxilla. i am 21, i was involved in an accident where i lost 5 of my teeth and most of the bone on... READ MORE

Implants Vs. Dental Bridge?

I have two baby teeth on my lower middle teeth. I had a ct scan for my lower teeth and it showed that I didn't have enough bones, so my dentist... READ MORE

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