Bone Graft + Dental Implants

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How Long Should I Wait to Get Dental Implants After Extraction?

I will have two teeth extracted soon. One has an infection and it will need bone grafting. How long can I wait to get implants? Do I get both at the... READ MORE

I had an extraction, bone graft and implant done in one go. Now stitches are dissolving, I tend to feel it more. Is it normal?

Currently on prescribed Amoxyllin 500 mg + Ibuprofen & paracetamol. I must admit that I feel it more uncomfortable now that the stitches are coming... READ MORE

How long does a dental implant take to heal?

I will have a minor bone grafting and a single dental implant in a couple days to replace a missing tooth. I'm 34, healthy person. How long should I... READ MORE

Implants Vs. Dental Bridge?

I have two baby teeth on my lower middle teeth. I had a ct scan for my lower teeth and it showed that I didn't have enough bones, so my dentist... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Save Crowns on a Bridge to Make Room for an Implant?

I have a three unit bridge with short rooted but not mobile crowned abutment teeth. I would like an implant in the pontic area but I want to minimize... READ MORE

All on 6, upper full arch fixed bridge dental implants with BMP bone grafting. Is $45,000 a reasonable cost?

Surgery 1: Remove front 6 teeth, Ridge preservation grafts #6-11, Particulate Grafts #6-11, Bone Morphogenetic Protein x2, General Anesthesia,... READ MORE

Is it normal to have stitches taken out following a molar extraction and bone graft when the gums have not yet sealed closed?

I had my second lower molar extracted one week ago today, and a bone graft done for a future implant. I went to my follow up appointment this morning... READ MORE

Facial sagging/loss of musculature due to tooth loss and extractions - can this be corrected? (photo)

I'm 37 & had #16, 17 & 18 extracted. Bone graft & dental implant #18. The left side of my face has gotten thinner over time but since my extractions 6... READ MORE

What could be used to replace my partial denture?

I wear a partial denture for 3 missing teeth on my right side of mouth 1 canine and 1st premolar and 1st Molar . the only teeth i have on my right... READ MORE

Flying after dental implants and bone graft.

I am going to fly after 3 weeks of my dental implants,some requires bone craft as well. I am wondering if 3 weeks will be enough time to recover... READ MORE

I have pressure on my implant when chewing food. Can anyone help me what is going wrong?

I have two implant on my right upper molar 1 year ago, n my crown is three unit( bridge). As what I knew one implant with bone graft n another one... READ MORE

Is it true that I am not a candidate for dental implants? I feel like a lost cause.

I am 31 yrs old and I was diagnose with a hereditary form of advance peritonitis or something like that. I had to get my two lower front teeth... READ MORE

Implant After 20 Years of a Three Unit Dental Bridge?

How difficult is it to have an implant placed (#8 tooth) if there has been a three unit bridge in place for 20 years? What type of bone grafting can... READ MORE

Is it normal to have painful, lumpy gums 1 year after bone grafts? (Photo)

I had my lower teeth removed due severe gum recession from periodontal disease. My dentist recommended a lower denture held by implants. When he... READ MORE

Any alternative to bone graft for a dental implant?

I've had one of my front teeth extracted and I'm due to get a dental implant. I had the CT scan done last week and they have told me that I will need... READ MORE

$ 2500 for a bone graft and a single tooth extraction?

Hello I went to see a periodontist in NJ and he told me it would be $ 2,500 for an single tooth extraction ( tooth # 10) and a bone graft. Isnt that a... READ MORE

Dental bone grafting and pregnancy

I recently had an Onlay graft procedure. Stage 2 (implant placement) will be in 4 months. I want to start a family and was planning on doing it after... READ MORE

What are the effects of both smoking and vaping weed during the dental implant process?

I'm asking about from start to finish: from tooth extraction, bone grafting, abutment, and post implant. I know that smoking cigarettes is to be... READ MORE

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