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I Have Bone Loss, Front Teeth Shifted After Dental Implants

I just found out I have bone loss, is that why my front teeth shifted after my dental implants?? My smile is different now, not to happy since 2 front... READ MORE

How Much Bone is Needed to Place a Dental Implant?

I have a fixed retainer behind my lower 6 front teeth. Some bone loss has occured under the retainer. I don't believe that I have had any more... READ MORE

What Are the Chances of Bone Regeneration when Implants Are Placed Without Any Bone Graft?

I've had two bicuspids missing for several years and there was severe bone loss. I finally was able to get the two implants in about a month ago... READ MORE

Can bone grow back on its own?

I had loose teeth for 4 mo. 24 and 25. had bone loss cuz of this. then had extraction. will bone loss continue? does bone grow back? i wouldnt be a... READ MORE

Which Procedure is Best for Bone Regeneration -- GTR or Gem21?

My endodontist used a special microscope and x-rays to diagnose me with a vertical fracture into the root of my molar-Tooth 19. I have a large... READ MORE

Bone necessary for dental implants?

I went to hungary for 5 Dental implants. They only did 3. After a Ct scan they said I had nt enough bone for the other 2. they recommended a bridge... READ MORE

Did I grow enough bone?

I'm considering a tooth implant and I've had a bone graft. My dentist needs 10 cm of bone, but he tells me I only grew 9.5 cm. If I go ahead with... READ MORE

Is it worth getting a procedure of bone filling in for bone loss with a prior dental implant which is not infected?

I was told there are two procedures for bone loss around the implant. one is to fill in the area with bone and hope it heals right. the other is to... READ MORE

What would I do w/ empty hallow space on tooth 7? Extracted and was put bone graph? Any suggestions? (photos)

What is there to do with empty space above tooth #7? Add more bone graph? wait months to see healing ( extracted 9/27 - bone growing on itself? what... READ MORE

Where is a dental implant actually screwed into ? Bone of what area?

Hello again, Can you please tell me were the dental implants are screwed into ? Is it in the jaw bone ? Thanks so much READ MORE

How can I get implants with no bone?

I approached my dentist in September time because I don't have very good teeth, they suggested removing some from the top and bottom at the back and... READ MORE

Any suggestions for Dental implants?

I live in West Yorkshire England. I need 2 implants upper left premolars 4 & 5. I have had 2 scans & have had three conflicting results, 1 says not... READ MORE

Conditions which the implant can't be placed at same site of extraction?

Dentist said he would extract #11 fill it out with bone using bone crafting. Then make a hole near in the bone near it to place the implant. He said... READ MORE

Follow up to my previous question: Bone necessary for Dental Implants. (photo)

Thanks to the dentists who replied to previous question. Here is the added photos from the CT Scan taken in Hungary. The teeth in question are upper... READ MORE

A week ago I had a bone transplant onto my molar transplant of 6 yrs. ago.Why am I still in considerable pain?

I have had a Followup appointment with my oral surgeon and was informed, "All's going well".In spite of the prescribed pain killer, I am in discomfort... READ MORE

Is there any benefit to a bone augmentation procedure with a tooth extraction if no implant will be placed?

I need to extract a left upper molar which is very loose due to grinding habit. I moved, and my new dentist wants me to do bone augmentation with the... READ MORE

Lost my right maxillary bone and need solution for my teeth. What would be your recommendation?

Hello, I have done an operation after I have been diagnosed with maxillary sinus cancer what made me loose the maxillary right bone. on the left side... READ MORE

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