Bicuspid + Dental Implants

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How to Fix Fang Like Cuspid/Canine Teeth? (photo)

My cuspid / canine teeth have always seemed too pointy and sharp. I have had people tell me that I have fangs. It seems like the tooth is too long. It... READ MORE

Do I Have to Get Tooth Extracted in Order to Fit Cuspid? (photo)

My orthodontist wants to remove the tooth (red arrow) in order to pull my cuspid into place. I feel like this can be done without the extraction.... READ MORE

Upper Jaw Surgery and Dental Implants to Replace Extracted Bicuspid Teeth?

I have a slightly deficient upper jaw and am told I am a candidate for surgery to bring the upper jaw forward. However, I also want three bicuspid... READ MORE

Is $6100 for a bicuspid implant considered to be in the "expensive" range? In other words, am I going to be paying too much?

I just came back from seeing an oral surgeon in Teaneck, NJ. A lot of bone is gone so I first have to have surgery for that. He will take bone from... READ MORE

My implanted bicuspid does not look aligned and looks inwardly set and tilted in? Is there any way this can be fixed? (Photo)

I have a second bicuspid implant 1 year ago, the surgeon just now cleared me to place the crown, when the crown was placed, I was surprised That it is... READ MORE

My 2nd bicuspid (#13) is helpless and needs to be extracted, so tooth implant vs orthodontics? (Photo)

Hi doctors! My 1st bicuspid (#12) was extracted several years ago. A periodontist told me that he would extract My 2nd bicuspid (#13) and then do the... READ MORE

Do dental implants make face less narrow?

When you get 4 of your bicuspid teeth extracted your face gets narrow but when you replace them with dental implants do they become less narrow or do... READ MORE

Should I have my implants removed due to constant clicking and crunching noises in my jaw? Is this causing more bone loss?

Everyone is talking about infection, gum disease/recession...what about constant clicking and crunching noises in the implant areas after 6 months... READ MORE

Not enough room for 2 implants. (photo)

I have a upper 1st and 2nd bicuspid missing there is a gap of 14mm the implant dentist said there was not enough gap for 2 implants there is enough... READ MORE

Can bicuspids that were extracted be replaced with implants? (photo)

I had 2 bicuspids removed, I was 14 years old, now at 34 my jaw clicks, becomes tired when I have something really chewy like a nut bar and I can just... READ MORE

Is tooth implant required?

I am going through orthodontic process.My dentist removed left 1st bicuspid teeth as i had front teeth overlapped.My teeth became straight but space... READ MORE

My old bottom bicuspid tooth implant (#28?) gradually became looser and looser with pain and some bleeding.

Today it was so loose that I unscrewed and removed the tooth part. The tooth and screw are both intact. The space now has a hole going through the gum... READ MORE

I live in the Houston area and am looking into reversing my bicuspid extractions.

I had all 4 of my bicuspids removed for orthodontic treatment 20 years ago and want to open the spaces up again. I'd then like to consider the... READ MORE

Impacted Canine (cuspid) exposure failed 8 years later white pus presence. (Photo)

I'm 26 and I had braces at 16 until 18 to pull my impacted canine. I had 3 exposure surgeries putting a metal chain to pull the impacted tooth, but it... READ MORE

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