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Palatal Expander for Wider Arch

If your teeth are perfectly straight and aligned from braces when you were younger (16, now I am currently 21 almost 22) but you have an arch that is... READ MORE

Arch Expansion Without Dental Implants?

As a teen I had four premolars (two top, two bottom) removed before wearing braces, which worsened both my facial aesthetics and smile. After doing... READ MORE

Having implants one arch at a time. Would this will be okay ?

I am considering complete mouth restoration. Due to the cost of complete restoration, I m considering having one arch completed now and the other one... READ MORE

How often do temporary dentures need adjusting while healing and before permanent full arch is placed? (Photo)

I really can't stand the idea of dentures. In the part of Northern NY where I live implants cost 1800.00 each but in South Jersey they are 975.00 each... READ MORE

Will medicaid dentures stay on the top and lower arch? (photos)

I'm 33, my all 32 teeth are rotten down to my gums..I've lived like this 18 years..I have no money..will medicaid dentures stay in my mouth?..I hate... READ MORE

Having all four tooth removed and regular tooth by tooth implants, is there an option?

The all on four has been a terrible experience for me. I have a loose arch and had the entire front teeth crack off while eating a soft cookie. I... READ MORE

What are the advantages of a full arch bridge vs. multiple smaller bridges? Will a full arch be hard to fit?

Have 2 implants 12, 14 waiting for bridge. 10, 11 are fine. 9 has implant and crown. 3 has implant waiting for crown. Positions 4-7 are occupied by a... READ MORE

Cost of restoration portion of top and bottom arch

I had my implants placed (6 on top, 4 on bottom) approximately four months ago. I am just about ready for the restoration portion which my periodontal... READ MORE

Dental Zygomatic Implants Upper Arch : What is the sucess rate, costs and materials used ?

I need to have Zygomatic Dental Implants with a full fixed , one piece upper arch . An acrylic wrapped in titanium fixed upper arch has been... READ MORE

Pushing back teeth forward to close premolar gap or reopen for implant? (Photo)

My first ortho made a horrible mistake to extract only one upper premolar and now my current ortho is working towards pushing my back teeth forward to... READ MORE

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