Antibiotic + Dental Implants

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Use of Antibiotics After Dental Implant

I had an implant placed 2 days ago and been taking erythromicin for 3 days(1 day pre oper. and 2 after), but I had to stop because of severe side... READ MORE

Experiencing pain near my 6 year old Dental Implant. Antibiotics helped temporarily, what is causing this?

I have a dental implant on my top left side. It was done about 6 years ago. Recently, I started having a dull, ache pain in that area. After a... READ MORE

Does my implant need to be removed?

I had a implant placed 2 months ago by a very skilled periodontist that he didn't even have me on antibiotics after the I felt some pain... READ MORE

Dental implant: High pain even after 7 days of implant. Can you please let know the cause of pain? (Photo)

I got metal(Titanium) implanted 7 days ago. I had anti-biotics and pain killers for 4 days. I went to doctor yesterday and got stitches removed and he... READ MORE

Root Canal Extraction of Maxillary 2nd Molar W/severe Bone Loss. Is There Hope for Implant?

My root canal has been infected - For years my old dentist couldn't see anything with x-ray & dismissed by telling me to take Advil. Cap recently... READ MORE

Placement of healing caps on implants on day 16 post op, is this a good idea?

Post Op, 15 days. Day 9 experienced, interior swelling in salvary glands (under tongue), two outside lesions on face unresponsive to antibiotics. Feel... READ MORE

Are antibiotics working? Got a post dental implant infection.

I got 2 dental implants 15 days ago. Everything went well I didn't even need pain killers. 4 days ago The stitches were removed and everything was... READ MORE

After an implant placement I have sinus-mouth connection, should I be worried about it?

During the drilling for CeraRoot zirconia implant the sinus was punctured then lifted. After the placement of the implant on #14 which immediately... READ MORE

Is it necessary to take antibiotics for tooth implant if there's no risk of endocarditis?

I am looking for antibiotics guidelines for tooth implant (for placing implant). Tolerate Doxyxyclin and Metronidazole. Ciprofloxacin. Don't tolerate... READ MORE

My dental implant is loose and sore.

I've had the implant for over ten years, one of two bottom molars. The other implant is fine. Will the implant fall out or will it have to be... READ MORE

May 2014 the implant rejected.10-9-14 the procedure done again this time with a graft of cadaver bone. Is it failing again?

As of Tuesday I'm in extreme pain I also was on a Z-pack and the, As of Tuesday morning I had extreme pain at the site. Is the inplant failing again?... READ MORE

Is it necessary to take an antibiotic after implant placement or tooth extraction to prevent infection?

Is it necessary to take an antibiotic after implant placement or tooth extraction? Can I combine antibiotic like amoxicillin and clindamycin or... READ MORE

Abscess after dental implant? 2 weeks post-op. (photo)

Have an abcess at the site of an implant that was placed 2 weeks ago. i took antibiotics after the procedure but now have this. it bursts but then... READ MORE

What if my dentist didn't clear my infection prior to surgery? Is that causing my implants to fail? (photos)

I am 26 years old I have all kinds of infection and pain. So we did an all on four implants. My dentist only called in my antibiotics on the 16th of... READ MORE

I had bone graft surgery for a dental implant in April. Wondering if I could be having a reaction to the titanium in the screw?

I have not felt the same since my surgery in April. At first I thought it was because of the antibiotics but as time went on I feel there is something... READ MORE

Is it ok to take another antibiotic and for how long for implants?

I have ulcerative colitis and don't tolerate Amoxycyllin.. First implant got rejected and I was taking Clindamycin. Don't want to take risks with... READ MORE

Could I have an implant infection after 2 rounds of antibiotics?

Posted bfr about cheek pain and pulsing gums 1wk post implant, 17 & 18, w/ clindamycin & peridex. Saw dentist, no signs of infection on exam & X-ray.... READ MORE

Swollen cheek and pain after three implants.

Had three implants in lower jaw two days ago, now in pain, my cheek is swollen.I am taking a five day course of anti biotics.I thought implants were... READ MORE

Dental Implants -- inflammation/ swelling around the implant site.

It has been 11 days since I got my implant surgery. The surgeon said he removed cyst from the area and placed some at the implant site, after drilling... READ MORE

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