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Consequences of Not Addressing Extracted Teeth?

The 4 back teeth in the top right side of my mouth will be gone within the next 2 months. I am exploring options and have a couple of questions... 1)... READ MORE

Alternatives to Implants for Worn Bottom Teeth

My Front Teeth Are Getting Thin from the Bottom Teeth Wearing Away the Back Side.what Can I Do Other Than Implants. READ MORE

Braces or Dental Implant?

I have one missing molar on the bottom right side of my mouth. I have one tooth that sticks out (due to a tight space) about the second tooth in front... READ MORE

Why are we using titanium in 2014? Are there other material that are more natural? Also, porcelain for crowns?

I would think in 2014 we would have better material that is more natural in the year 2014. I am very concerned about having titanium and porcelain in... READ MORE

I Have Two Upward Turned Teeth, My Dr Suggests Replacing Them, Good Decision?

I have two turned front teeth my doctor adviced to replac first four teeth and have a fixed artificial teeth is it good alternative of orignal teeth? READ MORE

What is an alternative to dental implants?

I have lost several teeth to Diabetes over the past year and a half. As my gums healed my gum lines shrunk. When I went to my dentist the other day.... READ MORE

Is there any alternative to dental implants?

My new dentist did an X-Ray and found that I had a bad root canal procedure (tooth #31) done last year and it looks infected. He suggests that it gets... READ MORE

Alternative to dental implants? (Photo)

I am wearing a 20 year old bridge that came off recently. My dentist told me the one tooth that is holding the bridge has decayed and suggested that I... READ MORE

Is there an option other than implants for a missing second molar?

I just had my lower right molar removed 4 days ago. My tongue is not happy with this change as it is rubbing on the newly exposed edge of the other... READ MORE

Not enough room for 2 implants. (photo)

I have a upper 1st and 2nd bicuspid missing there is a gap of 14mm the implant dentist said there was not enough gap for 2 implants there is enough... READ MORE

In desperate need of HEALTHY alternatives to dental implants. Any suggestions? (photos)

I'm an 18yr old who was told at 12 that I had two missing teeth. We were convinced the best option would be dental implants. After 3 years of braces... READ MORE

Do I have to get both teeth pulled out and an implant, or is there another option for normal looking teeth? (Photo)

I've had my tooth grow through my gum because my baby tooth didn't come out the baby tooth is a little wobbly but won't come out and I don't want to... READ MORE

I need two implants, teeth are out already. Do you use metal? Is their an alternative to more metal going into my mouth?

Missing 3rd tooth past top front teeth and 4th tooth on other side...also what am i looking at on $$...not wealthy...i quickly erase any pictures that... READ MORE

Teeth not moving after extraction. Undergoing ortho treatment. What alternatives do I have? (photos)

Im 24 years old, undergoing orthodontics treatment. 2 of my lower teeth have been extracted. Teeth movement is very slow and I suspect there has been... READ MORE

Dental Implant options for patient with with very little bone without having to do bone graphing?

Recently had a complete evaluation with oral surgeon, including the density CT scan to evaluate whether me for implants. I've been wearing a full... READ MORE

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