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Had Implants 10 Months Ago. Second Time Teeth Have Fell Out? (photo)

My dentist glued my implant teeth to the abutments. This is the second time they have Come off. There is no warning this is going to happen it is... READ MORE

Is it normal for gum tissue to grow over abutment 2 days later? (Photo)

Had #7 extracted 4months ago and implant placed same day. Just had healing collar put in and my dr. Actually had to drill excess bone! Two days later... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Save Crowns on a Bridge to Make Room for an Implant?

I have a three unit bridge with short rooted but not mobile crowned abutment teeth. I would like an implant in the pontic area but I want to minimize... READ MORE

Healing Abutment and Cautery. Does healing abutment reduce need to trim the gum?

Is it advisable to skip the healing abutment? eg. fix the permanent abutment & within 2 weeks, the crown via cement-retained restoration and any... READ MORE

I had a dental implant 5 months ago. How long do I have before adjacent teeth shift enough to cause crown placement issues?

I had a dental implant placed about five months ago by an oral surgeon. I am now halfway across the world from where I was and find myself without... READ MORE

What kind of implant should a 19 year old use for his front tooth? Zirconia / Titanium? What about the abutment, does it matter?

I have done a lot of research on the subject. Have concluded that titanium is more bio-compatible and is the "standard" as it has been around for... READ MORE

Implant abutment came loose from crown. Any suggestions?

Four yrs ago I got implants in both of my 2 front teeth. They were in the front so I chose to spend the extra $2,000 for porcelain abutments. Almost... READ MORE

Abutment showing through gum line. Any suggestions? (photos)

I am a few days away from placing my permanent crown for a dental implant. I have noticed the healing abutment showing through my gum line, very... READ MORE

My implant abutment and crown came off, would I need to get a new abutment and crown?

I got a Nobel Active 5.0 implant done overseas about 5 weeks ago, the crown got stuck when test fitting before the dentist could cement the crown on... READ MORE

Would like to know the cost of upper and lower over denture?

Upper and lower jaw bones in good shape,would like to know the cost of upper and lower overdentures with 2 abutments ball or bar in each denture and... READ MORE

Anaesthetic to Remove Broken Dental Implant Abutment Screw?

Is it usual to be given a local anaesthetic to attempt to remove a broken dental implant abutment screw? Is it anticipated that there will be the... READ MORE

Dental Implant uncovering: I noticed blood clot forming on top of the abutment which is hiding it.

My implant surgeon uncovered the implant yesterday (second stage procedure). He placed a flat screw or abutment on the implant which does not protude... READ MORE

Which implant method is better, the "tap in" or the "screw in"? Are the different way to install abutment for each method?

My implant doctor did three "tap in" implants for me in the past 8 years.  I felt very happy for each result.  I need another implant... READ MORE

Customised Abutment vs Original Manufacturer's Abutment?

When do we need to use customized abutment? Besides higher costs, will customized abutment result in more complications or higher risks especially for... READ MORE

It is ok that the abutment get expose after the crown is in place?

I have two implants in the upper jaw. There is a gap between the crown and my gum, the abutment is expose, which is not very pretty will this cause... READ MORE

My gum protrudes above implant. Should I get a longer abutment?

Gum protrudes above implant and when overdenture snapps on it cuts gum tissue. should I get a longer abutment? what can be done to fix this READ MORE

Eating with dental abutment with no crown?

Hello, I have three implants two molars on the one side and one molar on the other side (bottom). I also have braces. I went to have the abutments... READ MORE

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