10 Years Post-op + Dental Implants

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Root Canal Gone Bad After 11 Years; Implant?

Had a root canal 11 years ago. It developed an abscess a month ago. Was shuttled off to a root canal surgeon for a re-do. Root canal surgeon said "oh... READ MORE

Replace 10years Old Implant Crown?

I did a removable implant on one of my front teeth 10 years ago. it doesn't look match another. I would.like to get a new match crown. do i need to... READ MORE

I have a huge what I believe to be a abscess above one of the teeth that had the root canal done. (photos)

I had a root canal done on my two front teeth about 26 years ago when I was 8. I am 34 now. I have had temporary crowns and posts that have all fallen... READ MORE

Dental implant pain. Why is this happening?

Have had implants for about 10 yrs.get reg cleanning& checkups.just had one 2wks ago.have been feeling pain for the last day or so.why would this be... READ MORE

Can a problem with dental implant go undetected with X-rays? Could issues with implant cause chronic sore throat and headache?

About ten years ago I received a titanium implant for my front tooth. The tooth was extremely infected after a failed apicoectomy years prior. The... READ MORE

10-12 year old Implant, never had a crown, can I get one now?

Two dentists have told me that without the specific manufacturer and specs (cannot be obtained), I will have to start over, and let them extract a... READ MORE

i have had dentures for over 10 years now, do you think i would be a candidate for implants?

Just wondering if i would be a good candidate for dental implants after having full set of dentures for so long. My dentures don't fit well and the... READ MORE

Implant next to front top left tooth has moved forward. What needs to be done?

This implant is nearly 20 yrs. Old. I notice while flossing a larger gap behind, tighter gap between it and front tooth. Does not hurt. Is not loose.... READ MORE

Will I be able to do the removal of RCT tooth, bone grafting, and implants on the same day?

I have a root canel treatment done 10 years ago When they took an Xray, they mentioned that i got do settle my root canel tooth (as there was a lump... READ MORE

Ten year old dental implant - unknown pain? (Photos)

I have a 10 year old implant on 8. I have had gum issues in the past but cleared up when I had the crown redone. I also have crowns on 7 &9. 2 wks... READ MORE

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