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Zirconia Crowns Vs Emax Crowns?

A year ago I placed 9 upper anterior Zirconia crowns. After 3 months, I could see a change, now, they don't look natural at all. I want to replace... READ MORE

What is the difference between EMAX, Zirconium, and Procera?

Hi, I have had a couple of different quotes to have crowns put on for cosmetic dentistry 12 (6 upper and 6 lower). Both quotes are about the same... READ MORE

Can a problem occur if a dental crown is not fully seated against the gumline?

I recently received a zirconia (sp?) crown. It fits well in the space, but when I run my tongue along the inside, bottom/gum line- at the base of the... READ MORE

Which Ceramic Tooth is Best: Zirconia, IPS Empress or E-max?

I have to get 3 ceramic teeth. pls suggest which is the best among Emax, IPS empress or zirconia. My dentist suggested these. I am 22 Years Old READ MORE

Can a Zirconia Crown Be Stained After Being Cemented in Mouth?

I was not offered a color selection. The Zirconia Crown is too white in comparison to the surrounding molars. The crown was placed on Tooth 18. Also,... READ MORE

Why is my gum line dark, even though I have a zirconium crown?

I have a zirconium porcelain crown on one of my front teeth. It's newly placed, only a few days. The area where the crown meets the gum is dark. The... READ MORE

Crown strength vs natural tooth?

I talked to the person who was making my crown and he gave a number in a weird measurement. What is this measurement and what is the strength of a... READ MORE

Lab tech does not want to work with me any longer and dentist refunded money! Any advice? (Photo)

I've posted twice previously on the problems encountered with my 2 front teeth being crowned. The main problem with the lab tech insisting the teeth... READ MORE

Front tooth implant, zirconia abutment with e-max crown vs metal abutment with empress crown?

I had tooth 7 implant done and I have to decide which Crown is better for my front tooth. My old dentist suggested zirconia abutment with e-max crown.... READ MORE

Remove existing zirconia crown with EMAX crown (photo)

A month & a half ago, I had my front tooth capped with a zirconia crown. I am not very happy with the colour of my zirconia tooth. In natural light it... READ MORE

Is It Normal for Bottom Crowns to Be Darker Than Top Crowns?

All my teeth have been crowned (all zirconia/ porcelain) by a cosmetic dentist.The color is a perfect match except for 4 front bottom teeth which are... READ MORE

After having 12 crowns put in I still have black triangles. What do I do? (Photo)

I had 12 zirconia crowns put in two weeks ago to replace my old veneers. My dentist tried the crowns on before they were cemented and I could see... READ MORE

Fronth crown tooth doesn't fit properly. (photos)

I am very upset. A year back I got my zirconia crown done on my front tooth on my left side. Since that day it is irritating me. It looks bulky and... READ MORE

Does a zirconium crown start showing metal on the gum line? (Photo)

I have a bridge of 3 crowns, front teeth. I recently got them replaced ( 2 years ago). I was told the metal wont show on the gum line but after 2... READ MORE

What is the best toothpaste for zirconia crowns?

I drink tons of coffee, tea and wine, and my new crowns do seem to temporarily stain. I can get them white again if I use a harsher toothbrush or if I... READ MORE

Should I redo this crown? (Photo)

I have a single tooth zirconia crown put on less than a year ago. I am very unhappy with the way it looks. I think that the color does not match and... READ MORE

Are my 3 front teeth crowns made of Zircornia esthetically acceptable? They look dark. Should I ask dentist to redo? (Photo)

It is hard to describe my feelings now. I feel my three (3) front teeth made of full Zirconia look really dark, and not translucent. It looks fine at... READ MORE

How hard is it to remove 6 zirconia crowns and will it be likely a tooth would break during the process ?

Recently got 6 zirconia crowns on front 6 teeth. 5 of these teeth hAve had root canals years back. The dentist commented that my teeth were very dark... READ MORE

Does my Front Tooth Crown match? (photos)

I just put a new crown and not sure if it was Zirconia or all porcelain but I'm not happy with the color and look is it just me?? I need help I did... READ MORE

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