X-ray + Dental Crown

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X-Ray After Dental Bridge?

My dentist placed my dental bridge but did not check the fit with X-Ray. Is there any requirement to check new crowns/bridge with X-Ray after a placement? READ MORE

what treatment is best for a periapicial abscess on a crowned tooth?

X-ray shows the abscess has gone through the bone. I have taken antibiotics for two weeks and still have the knot on the bone. READ MORE

Does my xray show any signs of peri-implantitist or dental failure? (Photo)

My implant crown fell off (about 1 1/2yr old crown). I went to my dentist worried that my implant was also failing because the gum around the implant... READ MORE

1.5 yr old ceramic crown is now sensitive to heat & cold, no evidence of infection. Cosmetic Dentist or Endodontist?

(bottom molar) I started having sensitivity (heat/cold/some pain when biting). I immediately made appt w/ my dentist, had x- rays done w/ no sign... READ MORE

DDS: Should I Get a Full Mouth X-ray Series (12+) or Will One 3D CT Be Equally Good?

This is mostly for general dentistry needs . Have a few missing teeth maybe for implants. insurance will pay for one or the other. Which to get--need... READ MORE

Permanent zirconium crowns; sensitivity after 2 days. Is this normal?

I just recently had 5 permanent zirconium crowns placed before they were put in I was having some sensitivity with the Temps so he did a couple of... READ MORE

Do I need a root canal just 6 months after a crown if there is no decay seen in xray ? Or should I give it some more time?

I had a Crown put on a molar in August because it was cracked. About a month after, it started to become really sensitive to cold, and hurt to chew... READ MORE

How can I avoid unnecessary radiation from dental x-rays and procedures and keep my beautiful smile?

I'm in my early 60s and have great oral hygiene and fine teeth. In my 40s, I had my childhood mercury fillings removed and wore braces to correct my... READ MORE

Large crown margins - Treatment options. (photos)

I have recently had dental work overseas and had PFM crowns placed (3 weeks ago). However I have recently been to visit a different dentist concerning... READ MORE

Can my dentist be correct about this?

I had a root canal and crown down on my bottom tooth a few years ago. last week I started experiencing pain in that tooth and the pain has progressed.... READ MORE

Crown seating acceptable but not "perfect" what can happen? Should I have it fixed?

I had a crown replaced on tooth number 13 earlier this week. A temp was placed. The temp broke 3 days later but the permanent was ready, he decided to... READ MORE

How can a tooth with a root canal be painful-one year later?

It has been nearly a year since I had an emergency root canal from an infection after a crown was put on a back molar.Due to its location, the... READ MORE

Parietal stones in sinus/teeth

I have a bridge under which is a tooth that I think has pushed through and perforated the sinus, although they don't see it on the x-ray.  I also... READ MORE

Do I have to remove my crown for x-ray?

Kindly guide me regarding crown removal (metal fused porcelain) for x-ray of my nasal and palate cavity because i have some cavity problem in my nose... READ MORE

Any signs/symptoms of fractures in my pre-surgery xray? (Photo)

January 2013, burning/throbbing in 16 year old root canals/post/crowns in #7 & 8 (pre surgery xray attached). Old x-rays revealed that the infections... READ MORE

If the root is dead, and the crown can be lengthened, can the tooth hold a new crown? Attached is my x-ray (Photo)

Recently, one of my cavity fillings fell out, with chipping at the edges of the tooth. My dentist referred me to an endodontist for root canal. Since... READ MORE

Had infection under crown; went to dentist, she cleaned it. It's been 5 days but still when I floss it bleeds. Why?

I have no major pain just slight inflammation when i floss between the crown it bleeds.i am avoiding to eat from that side.is it something serious or... READ MORE

A crack in a rear molar crown was noticed on routine X-rays. New crown, root canal. Do I have any recourse?

From that day on (over a year) a tooth that never hurt has pain on slightest pressure and sensitivity to cold. I have no functional chewing surface on... READ MORE

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