X-ray + Dental Crown

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X-Ray After Dental Bridge?

My dentist placed my dental bridge but did not check the fit with X-Ray. Is there any requirement to check new crowns/bridge with X-Ray after a placement? READ MORE

DDS: Should I Get a Full Mouth X-ray Series (12+) or Will One 3D CT Be Equally Good?

This is mostly for general dentistry needs . Have a few missing teeth maybe for implants. insurance will pay for one or the other. Which to get--need... READ MORE

Does my xray show any signs of peri-implantitist or dental failure? (Photo)

My implant crown fell off (about 1 1/2yr old crown). I went to my dentist worried that my implant was also failing because the gum around the implant... READ MORE

what treatment is best for a periapicial abscess on a crowned tooth?

X-ray shows the abscess has gone through the bone. I have taken antibiotics for two weeks and still have the knot on the bone. READ MORE

Do I need a root canal just 6 months after a crown if there is no decay seen in xray ? Or should I give it some more time?

I had a Crown put on a molar in August because it was cracked. About a month after, it started to become really sensitive to cold, and hurt to chew... READ MORE

1.5 yr old ceramic crown is now sensitive to heat & cold, no evidence of infection. Cosmetic Dentist or Endodontist?

(bottom molar) I started having sensitivity (heat/cold/some pain when biting). I immediately made appt w/ my dentist, had x- rays done w/ no sign... READ MORE

How can I avoid unnecessary radiation from dental x-rays and procedures and keep my beautiful smile?

I'm in my early 60s and have great oral hygiene and fine teeth. In my 40s, I had my childhood mercury fillings removed and wore braces to correct my... READ MORE

Large crown margins - Treatment options. (photos)

I have recently had dental work overseas and had PFM crowns placed (3 weeks ago). However I have recently been to visit a different dentist concerning... READ MORE

Parietal stones in sinus/teeth

I have a bridge under which is a tooth that I think has pushed through and perforated the sinus, although they don't see it on the x-ray.  I also... READ MORE

Any signs/symptoms of fractures in my pre-surgery xray? (Photo)

January 2013, burning/throbbing in 16 year old root canals/post/crowns in #7 & 8 (pre surgery xray attached). Old x-rays revealed that the infections... READ MORE

Permanent zirconium crowns; sensitivity after 2 days. Is this normal?

I just recently had 5 permanent zirconium crowns placed before they were put in I was having some sensitivity with the Temps so he did a couple of... READ MORE

Do I really need crowns?

My dentist xrayed my teeth (8) in front all have many small fractures. I also have a tooth gap from old style orthodontics that removed permanent... READ MORE

Can my dentist be correct about this?

I had a root canal and crown down on my bottom tooth a few years ago. last week I started experiencing pain in that tooth and the pain has progressed.... READ MORE

Do I have to remove my crown for x-ray?

Kindly guide me regarding crown removal (metal fused porcelain) for x-ray of my nasal and palate cavity because i have some cavity problem in my nose... READ MORE

A crack in a rear molar crown was noticed on routine X-rays. New crown, root canal. Do I have any recourse?

From that day on (over a year) a tooth that never hurt has pain on slightest pressure and sensitivity to cold. I have no functional chewing surface on... READ MORE

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