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Do All Teeth Whiteners Work on Crowns or Colored Fillings?

Have stained crowns and fillings...need to whiten teeth! READ MORE

Dental Crowns - the Whitest Color on the Market?

What's the code for the whitest color of porcelain crowns on the market? My dentist calls it 00 - "double zero". READ MORE

The crown is so noticeable and sometimes looks way to white and up close its really yellow. Any suggestions? (photos)

Is there a better solution on getting a perfect color or match to my other teeth. My other teeth are pretty white but a little transparent READ MORE

Which dental crown color is whitest, without looking fake? (photos)

When choosing crowns from the below set (I believe this is lava crowns), do you suggest M1-0 or M1-0.5. I will be having crowns placed across my top... READ MORE

Zirconium crown aftercare (toothbrush/toothpaste).

I recently had 10 zirconium crowns fitted to my upper jaw and i am really happy with the results. However i am just wanting some extra aftercare... READ MORE

Is there any way to darken my bridge?

I choose a very white color for my bridge. Now from friends and family, I find that they are way too white. They are scary white. READ MORE

My gum is a little white/pale, 3 months after crown attached to my dental implant. Any suggestions?

I had a crown screwed onto the implant 3 months ago, The Dentist had to tighten it and the gum was very white. She said it would get better, and it... READ MORE

My Gums are very white around the edges of my Silver tooth crown?

I went to the Dentist yesterday to get a fractured tooth fixed, he drilled out my old filling and then put a silver tooth cap on it. After I got home... READ MORE

Is having two front crowns replaced three times reasonable? How will it affect the tooth structure underneath?

I recently had two front crowns placed for the 2nd time. My first placement (roughly a year ago) resulted in two front teeth that were bulky and too... READ MORE

What should I do to stop the stuff from coming out and what is it?

I had a cap put on my tooth 2 weeks ago, now white stuff with brown spots is coming out around gum line. The tooth is painful when my teeth touch and... READ MORE

Is there anything you or another dentist could do to improve the color of my crowns?

When I was 11-12, I had to get crowns on 3 of my front teeth. At the time my teeth were far from white, but are now much whiter, of course though my... READ MORE

Recently needed the crowns on my front teeth replaced. Will be adding a veneer to each side. Are they too white? (Photos)

If the color of these temps are indeed the color , even with the added veneers on each side, Are they too white? Afraid will just bring attention to... READ MORE

What would you recommend to correct my white crown?

I had 3 crown cemented but the color is super white,the dentist asked me if I like them i said they are white and she said i will just have to whiten... READ MORE

Can a porcelain crown be repaired when the top white composite sealant comes out and the silver filling is exposed?

Crown is an 8 yr. old molar that seems to be fine except the top wore off and now I see a silver filling inside. No cracks or pain or inflammation.... READ MORE

I've had a crown on my front tooth for nearly three years and a root canal, and it starting to loosen.

I'm aware that I can get it recemented. However I'm concerned because at the time the dentist who was newly trained drilled too much of my front tooth... READ MORE

I have a loose crown on my front teeth. What should I do?


What does dry socket look like? I had a crown extracted two days ago.

I chose to r tract vs retreat. I had two abscess within 30 days. They day it was done , after the bleeding stopped I looked and I could see white and... READ MORE

Wanted to have a white straight teeth & asked dentist to put bleach white color emax crown; believe he put darker color? (Photo)

Hi dr i wanted to have a white straight teeth and i asked my dentist to put the bleach white color emax crown i believe he put the darker color. i see... READ MORE

Why did my two front crowns become grey when I got the next two done? They were perfectly white before they put the temporary on

I had to have 4 front crowns done. The first two were done a couple months ago and were white and when I went this week to get the next two done the... READ MORE

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