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Am I allergic to my crowns and veneers?

Six months ago I had 4 crowns and 4 veneers put on, since then I have had a burning tongue and roof of my mouth. My tongue is also swollen... I am so... READ MORE

Allergy to veneers, crowns? Is it possible that I am reacting to the cement used to adhere the veneers and crowns?

I had 10 veneers, five crowns several months ago. I've had metallic taste, pain eating, extreme fatigue. When I have a deadening agent injected, I... READ MORE

I want to take off crown, veneers. Can my teeth be restored with filling so I don't have to wear crowns, veneers any more.

My dentist placed 8 crowns, 2 veneers on my teeth. He cut my 4 upper front teeth to the gum line (without warning me!) and placed posts and... READ MORE

Are e.Max all porcelain crowns or Lava crowns better for front teeth? (Photo)

My dentist originally recommended Lava crowns for two teeth (Upper 9 & 10) that have previously had root canals. Tooth 9 is beginning to darken. I now... READ MORE

Is This Tooth Hopeless or Can It Be Saved with a Build Up and Crown? (photo)

I had a venner that broke and then I was told I needed a crown but at the time the dentist didn't want to help me since I was crying. So he said to... READ MORE

Implant or Crown to Replace an Previously Veneered Front Tooth?

I had to have my top front tooth extracted. My 6 front teeth had veneers. I had planned to get a direct implant however there was not enough bone so I... READ MORE

Fear of Loosing Teeth After Extensive Veneer Work. Can my Teeth Fallout?

I had dental work in Thailand. I asked for veneers but was shocked when I realized so much tooth surface was removed and that I would be getting crown... READ MORE

Unhappy with new bridge, crown and veneers (Photo)

I received a new bridge, crown and vaneer yesterday and I am so unhappy with. My front two two teeth were already larger than the rest and now they're... READ MORE

Crown lengthening, Should I do it? (photos)

I have four veneer composites for my front teeth for years (I used to have some gaps between my front teeth) now my dentist has offered me to do the... READ MORE

Veneers or crowns for broken front teeth? I'm 30 yrs old & my 2 yr old son accidentally hit me in the teeth w/ his head (photo)

My dentist bonded my broken tooth pieces back on after the damage in late Nov. The 2nd pic show the current condition. I had x-rays yesterday to look... READ MORE

Can dental mould (impression) loosen crowns and veneers?

Hello. I have some crowns and veneers in my upper front teeth. I'm scheduled to have my dental mould (impression?) for a new crown (cheek side). Can... READ MORE

Should I ask about a veneer or crown for my teeth? (photos)

I'm 18 years old and I've had problems with the two teeth on both sides of my front. I've had a root canal on the discolored tooth and I'm going back... READ MORE

Please Help ! Inervous and Worried ! Veneer Broke Can I Still Get a Crown ? (photo)

Hello, My veneer broke off a and under the tooth the sides are dark brown and some black, This photo is taken using a microscope camera so its super... READ MORE

Do I need veneer or crown? (photo)

My dentist is telling me that i need 4 crowns not veneers . I had a root canal on my left bottom, front tooth . I'm so confused. I don't know which... READ MORE

Shouldn't dentists chose veneers that fit appropriately in your mouth? Are crowns the best fix to veneers?

About four and a half years ago I had eight veneers put on my front teeth; in that period two have come off, one front tooth cracked, and I was just... READ MORE

How do I get my money back from original dentist? Or how do I go about finding dentist who will work with me on price? (photo)

I wanted 8 veneers on top teeth.She ended up doing crowns instead of veneers,without telling me.I didt realize this until afterwards.An explanation of... READ MORE

Am I eligible for crowns/ veneers?

My adult teeth have very little enamel, making my teeth appear yellowish and stained. My teeth are sensitive and I've tried just about everything to... READ MORE

Can Permanent Existing Crowns Be Matched?

I have had crowns on my two front teeth since I was quite young. They have been redone several times over the years. I had several adjacent teeth... READ MORE

Do crowns and veneers lead to eventual tooth loss?

I am 36 and recently had my smile "fixed" with 4 crowns and 2 veneers. Now I am very worried I made a huge mistake. Not only did my dentist scare me... READ MORE

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