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Does these symptoms suggest an ill fitting crown? (photo)

Had a crown (metal/procelain) put on my top molar last week. The temporary felt amazing but the permanent was tight and caused a lot of pressure and... READ MORE

I Have Problems with Front 2 Veneers Coming off or Loose. Can I Replace Them with Crowns for a Stronger Bite and Stronger Teeth?

I got veneers on my top 6 teeth and i HATE them. The front 2 always feel loose and i feel them pop back and forth, also they have come off before. The... READ MORE

Could I have a crack underneath my crown?

I bit something hard with the back side of my crown (top molar) and began feeling discomfort. I then flossed it and it began to hurt so bad. I took... READ MORE

How to Correct an Overbite W/ Bridges and Crowns on Top Teeth?

I lost 3 teeth on top do to an accident and had bridges and crowns to fix my upper teeth, however, years later am having jaw pain and have a deep... READ MORE

Do Dentists Typically Make Adjustments for Upper Front Crowns by Drilling Down Bottom Front (Older) Crowns? (photo)

I had 6 new upper front crowns placed at the same time and rather than adjusting the backs of the new crowns, my dentist ground down my lower front... READ MORE

I Have 2 Permanent Crowns on Front Top Teeth, I Need a Permanent Retainer on the Top Teeth?

I have 2 permanent crowns on my front top 2 teeth, I need a strong permanent retainer to hold my top teeth together. I had a permanent retainer prior... READ MORE

Bad crowns in my front teeth. Can I insist on them being replaced where they are actually shaped and look real?

I had 4 crowns on my front upper teeth. Since having them they have never felt comfortable. I did have to go back to have him resize them in length... READ MORE

What is the difference between a cap and a crown? Are teeth ground down with caps? (Photo)

If you can tell from my pictures below, what would be your recommendation. I want to improve the looks of my 6 top teeth. Right now I have a gap... READ MORE

What can I do about my porcelain crowns being uneven? (Photo)

I just got 8 Porcelain Crowns on my top teeth. Instantly when I got home I noticed that one side was longer than the other. Please tell me what I... READ MORE

Should I be in this much pain after crowns?

I had 10 crowns put on my top 10 teeth. Wanted veneers but the dentist opted for crowns. I'm having constant throbbing pain throughout the day and... READ MORE

Should I Pay For a Second Temporary Put in?

I had a 6 upper teeth temp. bridge put on April11th. The Fit was wrong still wearing a second temp. Should I pay the extra charge for the 2 teeth they... READ MORE

Different types of crowns ?

I am getting my top teeth crowned. They have already been root caneled. My dentist said the best crown to do is porcelain on porcelain. He said... READ MORE

Hi, I got a 12 unit bridge recently on top teeth. Any suggestions?

My question is had a impacted canine in left top. That too with some decay in it. And I had two gaps in front was permanant gap. So my... READ MORE

Metal showing at gum line of crown?

I have 4 crowns on my top front teeth. The two middle teeth are fine but the teeth on either side have metal showing at the gum line. Because I need... READ MORE

My top two over hang with a slight chip. The bottom gap and that seriously annoying pointy tooth at the bottom (Photo)

The gap bothers me very much.. the pointy tooth I can't stop playing with and is causing iritation... the two top ones are ok but the small chips and... READ MORE

Price range for dental crowns?

I need 5 crowns on the top teeth i had a root can in tooth number 8 or 9, 1 of the two front teeth, the tooth that was root canaled is discolored and... READ MORE

I just had two teeth right beside each other on the top right side have a permanent crown placed on them.

Now I am in sever pain on the whole top right side of my mouth. It's agony. I called the dentist he said sometimes it takes time for everything to... READ MORE

All top teeth were crowned for TMJ; in pain, what do I do? (Photo)

After t m j treatment I was told they couldn't use braces to correct the crowed teeth since I had so much dental work from a previous dentist and was... READ MORE

Looking for financial help with cosmetic dental treatments. I've been through so much and need closure. Any suggestion?

Pg. 2 Erica, age 38. I wanted to add that I only got 6 crowns on top teeth, hoping to get remaining teeth done. Sadly, if I have to have the 6 crowns... READ MORE

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