Top Teeth + Dental Crown

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Does these symptoms suggest an ill fitting crown? (photo)

Had a crown (metal/procelain) put on my top molar last week. The temporary felt amazing but the permanent was tight and caused a lot of pressure and... READ MORE

I Have Problems with Front 2 Veneers Coming off or Loose. Can I Replace Them with Crowns for a Stronger Bite and Stronger Teeth?

I got veneers on my top 6 teeth and i HATE them. The front 2 always feel loose and i feel them pop back and forth, also they have come off before. The... READ MORE

Could I have a crack underneath my crown?

I bit something hard with the back side of my crown (top molar) and began feeling discomfort. I then flossed it and it began to hurt so bad. I took... READ MORE

How to Correct an Overbite W/ Bridges and Crowns on Top Teeth?

I lost 3 teeth on top do to an accident and had bridges and crowns to fix my upper teeth, however, years later am having jaw pain and have a deep... READ MORE

Do Dentists Typically Make Adjustments for Upper Front Crowns by Drilling Down Bottom Front (Older) Crowns? (photo)

I had 6 new upper front crowns placed at the same time and rather than adjusting the backs of the new crowns, my dentist ground down my lower front... READ MORE

I Have 2 Permanent Crowns on Front Top Teeth, I Need a Permanent Retainer on the Top Teeth?

I have 2 permanent crowns on my front top 2 teeth, I need a strong permanent retainer to hold my top teeth together. I had a permanent retainer prior... READ MORE

What is the difference between a cap and a crown? Are teeth ground down with caps? (Photo)

If you can tell from my pictures below, what would be your recommendation. I want to improve the looks of my 6 top teeth. Right now I have a gap... READ MORE

What can I do about my porcelain crowns being uneven? (Photo)

I just got 8 Porcelain Crowns on my top teeth. Instantly when I got home I noticed that one side was longer than the other. Please tell me what I... READ MORE

Bad crowns in my front teeth. Can I insist on them being replaced where they are actually shaped and look real?

I had 4 crowns on my front upper teeth. Since having them they have never felt comfortable. I did have to go back to have him resize them in length... READ MORE

Should I be in this much pain after crowns?

I had 10 crowns put on my top 10 teeth. Wanted veneers but the dentist opted for crowns. I'm having constant throbbing pain throughout the day and... READ MORE

Metal showing at gum line of crown?

I have 4 crowns on my top front teeth. The two middle teeth are fine but the teeth on either side have metal showing at the gum line. Because I need... READ MORE

Could one of my front crowns have moved?

A few months ago I had my top front four teeth crowned. Not the first time teeth crowned btw. Anyway, the last few weeks or so, soreness around the... READ MORE

Different types of crowns ?

I am getting my top teeth crowned. They have already been root caneled. My dentist said the best crown to do is porcelain on porcelain. He said... READ MORE

Should I Pay For a Second Temporary Put in?

I had a 6 upper teeth temp. bridge put on April11th. The Fit was wrong still wearing a second temp. Should I pay the extra charge for the 2 teeth they... READ MORE

Hi, I got a 12 unit bridge recently on top teeth. Any suggestions?

My question is had a impacted canine in left top. That too with some decay in it. And I had two gaps in front was permanant gap. So my... READ MORE

Price range for dental crowns?

I need 5 crowns on the top teeth i had a root can in tooth number 8 or 9, 1 of the two front teeth, the tooth that was root canaled is discolored and... READ MORE

I just had two teeth right beside each other on the top right side have a permanent crown placed on them.

Now I am in sever pain on the whole top right side of my mouth. It's agony. I called the dentist he said sometimes it takes time for everything to... READ MORE

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