TMJ + Dental Crown

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Can a Bad Dental Crown Cause TMJ? Is it Permanent?

In Nov I got crown for tooth #30,was broken and doesn't have any infection(#30 was impacted by #31 now removd) I crown altered my bite and caused... READ MORE

Ill-fitting Bridge Caused My TMJ?

I have been suffering from pain in my ear, eyes etc... i went to docs who referred me to an e.n.t specialist. The said i have tmj, so i had my teth... READ MORE

What Might Cause Discomfort During a CEREC Crown Fitting?

How often do people have jaw pain? Or tooth sensitivity? Is CEREC a good option to other crowns for those with TMJ who don't like to spend too much... READ MORE

What can I do to help severe TMJ pain that's lasted 6 months?

Back in August 2015 I had some fillings and a crown done at a different dental office than I'm used to. Since day one I have had pain. Been back to... READ MORE

Why am I still hurting and feel a little swollen? Do I need to go back?

I have TMJ so my mouth and jaw is used to hurting, but I got a crown done a week ago. My mouth is still hurting me especially in the morning when I... READ MORE

Can thick anterior crowns exacerbate TMJ?

My anterior upper caps are approximately twice the thickness of my natural teeth. I am referring to the depth of my caps in the horizontal plane (as... READ MORE

Wanting crowns redone, not happy with color on other teeth compared to crowns, and bite does not feel right at all. (Photo)

I recently had four e-max crowns on my front teeth i've had around 10 adjustmnets, I unhappy with color matching and also my bite feels really off... READ MORE

Can eMax burn your mouth?

Hi I'm in the process of getting 7 eMax crown due to tmj. I have four in right now with temp cement. The other 3 are temp crowns. Tounge burning on... READ MORE

I am male with deep bite. Class 2 div 2. Front top 4 teeth crowned with apicectomy last 20 years. Can replacing crowns help?

I have been referred to various dentists, endodentists an orthodontists with differing opinions. No tmj symptoms but night grinding resulting in 2... READ MORE

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