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Porcelain Crown for Front Tooth

My dentist is placing a porcelain crown on my front tooth. How long on average do you think this crown will last? How many times will I need to... READ MORE

Replacing a Porcelain Crown

I am 20 years old and my front central tooth broke in half two months ago. I am having a full porcelain crown placed on this tooth. How many years do... READ MORE

Can a Crown Replacement Be Done While Having Braces?

I am at the end of braces treatment. I have a crown on one before last back tooth that has to be replaced because of decay under it. There is no... READ MORE

Will I Have to Wait for my Braces to Come off Before I Can Get a Crown on a Molar?

I've had braces for 6 months now and a month ago had to have root canal done on a bottom molar. Will I have to wait for my braces to come off before I... READ MORE

How Long Does It Take for a Loose Crown to Recover After Cosmetic Dentistry?

I had cosmetic dentistry in which I put in 20 crowns. I have had to have multiple adjustments and am frustrated. My bottom 4 front teeth continue to... READ MORE

Straighten front tooth before crown, or can a crown alone fix it? (Photo)

What would be the best treatment plan for this tooth with consideration for its best long term health? Post and crown? Straighten then post and crown?... READ MORE

If you crack a root canal-treated tooth with a crown on it, how long will that take to notice? When do symptoms start?

I got RCT 6 months ago (no post, Endo happy w/result, no pain since then) next to a 2-yr old PFM crown. About 3 weeks ago, I was eating something that... READ MORE

How long is too long to wait for a crown on an implant? (Photo)

February of 2016 , #7 crown fell out. I have crowns on 7,8,9 &10 that matched my teeth perfectly. On #7 the abutment broke and the dentist... READ MORE

Is it possible to recement a crown back in place with the old tooth stuck inside it?

My crown came off upon impact along with the cap , I still have the crown and I'm wondering is it possible to stick it back in and if not how long the... READ MORE

Do you think my tooth is cracked after the root canal? How much longer should I wait before seeing this or another dentist?

Hi, about four weeks ago, I went to a dentist in Thailand to get a root canal performed. Two weeks ago, I went back to get the crown put on, but told... READ MORE

I have uneven caps on my top teeth and severe overcrowding on my bottom teeth. What is my best treatment option? (photo)

At 13 I had an accident which required caps on my 2 front teeth , the type of cap caused uneven gum recession . The old caps were replaced 10 years... READ MORE

I'm 48 years old, just had front teeth crowned. How many times can I have them crowned?

I had veneers one cracked my dentist said there was not enough enamel to bond to so I needed crowns. I am worried how many times I can replace the... READ MORE

How much time it takes to get all ceramic crown for front eight teeth?

2 out of 3 doc told me that it takes me a month to get new crown, on the other hand 1 doc said only 1 week is sufficient. READ MORE

How long after permanent crown can I put full pressure on it, like a normal tooth?

It takes my dentist sometimes 4 needles to completely numb me to do work. Didn't have a root canal on this tooth. Couldn't put pressure on my temp the... READ MORE

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