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How Long Do Dental Crowns Last?

I had 4 Dental crowns "installed" on my lower teeth about 2 years ago and already had one of them break. I am VERY careful about the foods... READ MORE

Do All Teeth Whiteners Work on Crowns or Colored Fillings?

Have stained crowns and fillings...need to whiten teeth! READ MORE

How Are Crowns Done on the Front Teeth?

I have never had crowns done and I am afraid to have it done. Can someone explain how it is done? READ MORE

Dental Bridge Replacement

How often should a dental bridge be replaced? Does it matter where the bridge is located in your mouth? READ MORE

Is There a Definitive Way to Determine if Crown Fits Properly?

I recently had all porcelain dental crowns installed on my four front teeth. When I floss two of them at the gumline, I can taste and smell a foul... READ MORE

Difference Between Crowns and Veneers?

Is there a big difference between crows and veneers other than price? How much more costly is it? READ MORE

What Needs to Be Done to a Root Canal Crown That Has Come Loose?

The original crown/post has become loose. It stays in place for the most part but when I floss, it comes right out. What do I need to do? READ MORE

Why Should I Chose CEREC Crowns Over Other Types of Crowns?

What are the advantages of CEREC crowns? Is the procedure better? Is the outcome better? READ MORE

Ill-fitting Dental Crowns?

One of the crowns is rubbing against the inside of my mouth and I still speak with a lisp 3 weeks on. Will this eventually go or do I need further... READ MORE

Less Than a Year After my Root Canal my Crown Continues to Come Loose. What Can I Do?

My dentist did a root canal on my front tooth and I had to have it redone by an oral surgeon. My dentist put my crown back on but it eventually came... READ MORE

Veneer or Crown for Calcified Tooth?

My front left tooth has been dead for some 15+ years. It apparently calcified, creating its own root canal. I have never had work on it. The tooth is... READ MORE

Will porcelain crowns correct my crooked tooth?

I have had all the preliminary dental work done and chose the shade of teeth I want (Vita bleach shade om2) I was that scared on the first visit I... READ MORE

Porcelain Crowns Instead of Braces for Gapped Teeth?

I am missing two top teeth. I only have my two front and my canines. Thus leaving a "gappy" smile. I missed out on having braces as a kid,... READ MORE

Porcelain Crown Question

I am getting a porcelain crown on my front tooth (inscisor). How long does a porcelain crown last, on average? Does it last as long as a porcelain... READ MORE

Dental Crowns for Teeth That Are Too Dark for Veneers?

My dentist wants me to have 10 dental crowns on my top teeth, the teeth that show when I smile. He says my teeth are naturally too dark to use... READ MORE

How Quickly Can CEREC Implant Crowns Be Produced?

Is it possible to replace an implant with a CEREC crown in one office visit. What are the steps? READ MORE

Is there a way to make my tiny back teeth bigger?

Firstly my front teeth are bigger and I have a bit of a over bite and then all my back teeth are tiny! like kids teeth. I was thinking if I move my... READ MORE

Fillings and dental crown after braces?

Is it possible to have dental fillings and crown after braces? READ MORE

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