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Do All Teeth Whiteners Work on Crowns or Colored Fillings?

Have stained crowns and fillings...need to whiten teeth! READ MORE

Do All Porcelain Crowns Stain?

I recently had my front teeth crowned and the dentist had to do some recontouring in order for them to fit properly. Most of this was done on the... READ MORE

Can a Filling on the Front of the Incisors Be Refilled if It Becomes Stained?

My front incisor is discolored and can't be veneered or whitened. My dentist said I could either fill it or put a crown on it. Im not keen on the... READ MORE

Are Lighter Shades of Porcelain Being Used for Now As Opposed to 20 Years Ago?

Have read that porcelain doesn't stain much, but in most of the pictures have noticed where old crowns have been replaced the new shade is... READ MORE

Can a Zirconia Crown Be Stained After Being Cemented in Mouth?

I was not offered a color selection. The Zirconia Crown is too white in comparison to the surrounding molars. The crown was placed on Tooth 18. Also,... READ MORE

Can crowns darken?

A few years ago I had my teeth bleached and I had crowns placed on my four front teeth to match. (Removed existing crowns) now it seems like my crowns... READ MORE

I have a crown with a receding gum line and stain. How can it be removed? And I'd it costly? Can I fix it at home? (photo)

I work at a school and it actually distracted the kids when I'm working with them. And I need them to stay focused. I don't know what to do. Stupid... READ MORE

Why would my Emax crowns be staining so soon?

Why would my Emax crowns be staining so soon? I have only had them 9 months and my crowns look like they are turning a darker shade and some are... READ MORE

Am I eligible for crowns/ veneers?

My adult teeth have very little enamel, making my teeth appear yellowish and stained. My teeth are sensitive and I've tried just about everything to... READ MORE

How often can a composite filling be changed? What can I do about an awkward dental crown and a discolored composite filling?

I had a chip on my front tooth that was fixed with a composite filling. It has been 6 months but it is noticeably stained and looks bad. I also had a... READ MORE

Does the current bonding stain easily?

Now that I have corrected my bite with Invisalign, I am considering getting bonding on some of my front teeth that have some wear on the tips. I have... READ MORE

Can you remove everyday stains from crowns?

I realize whiteing a crown will not change the color they are made, but using a whitening toothpaste on your crowns will remove coffee and tea stains... READ MORE

Should I go a shade darker on my front crowns? (Photos)

I recently had my front teeth crowns replaced with a whiter shade, thinking I could whiten them. I have whitened my teeth a couple of times, but... READ MORE

Can zirconium crowns get stained? Mine already have gray stains on them. (Photos)

I put about 20 zirconium crowns a few weeks ago (in another country), and they already have gray stains on them. The last two are implants with... READ MORE

Will I need a crown for a cracked front tooth?

I had my braces removed yesterday to find my front tooth had cracked, I'm not sure if it was cracked before treatment. I have been told I grind my... READ MORE

Root canal on my canine over 10 years ago and my dentist wants to put a crown on it.

I don't feel like I need it. The tooth is in good condition and I would hate to damage it more just to put a crown on it. I feel like it would... READ MORE

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