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How Do You Know if a Crown Has to Be Redone...or Can Be Fixed?

I had a crown put in 5 years ago after a root canal. The tooth/crown has always had a bit of space below it. Now, it often has stuff in the crack..... READ MORE

Post Lava Crown: Black Line Still Present?

I got three old PMF crowns (molars) replaced with three Lava crowns just recently. I am wondering why there is still some kind of darkness in between... READ MORE

I have 4 tooth bridge and big piece of charcoal tooth came out and I'm scared . Can I try to repair it ? (photos)

I am very worried. A big black round piece of something came out while I was eating and it looked like charcoal with black powder too. Was this part... READ MORE

Temporary crown has gap between natural tooth, will this cause the tooth next to it to shift?

I just received a temporary crown for tooth #10 today. There is a slight gap between the temp crown and the canine tooth next to it. It is slightly... READ MORE

Trouble with new porcelain crown. Is it a bad fit?

Three weeks ago I got a crown done on a tooth that had a root canal. At this point I'm pretty sure that the crown is too high, and was wondering if it... READ MORE

I had 6 crowns and two veneers and I'm really worried about them. (Photos)

The front tooth on the right is a crown. The reason for all of the work started because the Front crown on Right needed to be replaced because the gum... READ MORE

I want to know if i have enough room for a crown in the area my tooth is missing? (photos)

I want to know if i have enough room for a crown in the are my tooth is missing. One dentist told me to get a bridge were the missing space would be... READ MORE

If we extract the first molar (#6 marked with red), will the next molars (#7 & #8) move to the the space of first molar? (photo)

I have a root canal (#6 marked red), redone 6 months ago. Dentist suggests redoing, then put a crown, then remove third molar (#8 red). But I want to... READ MORE

Took braces off after almost 6 yrs. My gums were swollen so I got crown contouring and franectomy. I have a black space (Photo)

I'm trying to figure out how to close this space on my front teeth. Could bonding close the gap. My orthodontist is telling me I have the space now bc... READ MORE

I had to change dentists and this dentist is saying my spaces between the teeth won't close completely. I need crowns. Advice?

I got braces 2 years ago im kn my second last wire. I had two teeth removed my premolars from the upper side. Now my new dentist is failing to close... READ MORE

consequence of extraction?

I've had a root canal done on the bottom molar (18) and has now broken in 2. It has a black line through it, although it's not hurting. My dentist... READ MORE

What to do with misaligned teeth midline? (photos)

Will it possible to reduce the space at the sides of my smile? I do have fillings at the front teeth and the dentist requires me to have it... READ MORE

Pain in two teeth after getting 6 veneer replacements and one new crown. What do I do now?

Two teeth are very sensitive and are causing me pain. My dentist took pictures of the roots and they are fine. Then he had me take Antibiotics and... READ MORE

Can a space between gum and crown (no-RCT) lead to infection? (Generic) Could ceramic crown exposed cause heavy metal poisoning?

My upper 11 and 21 were removed due to wrong RCT and infection that wouldn't go even after several open flap surgeries. Few years ago another Dentist... READ MORE

I was told gum stimulation & growth is the only option for the space between my crown and neighboring tooth. Is it true? (Photo)

See dot on photo, this is the place where food gets stuck. I waited too long to have my root canal and crown(I noticed decay over year ago). My tooth... READ MORE

Space between teeth/gums after crowns, is this normal? (Photo)

I had 3 permanent crowns placed on the upper left yesterday. I noticed that the gums are not down far enough between the teeth. Will this take time... READ MORE

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