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Will the Crown Lengthening Create Gaps Between my Teeth?

I have a gummy smile and will have cosmetic crown lengthening done. Will the crown lengthening create gaps between my teeth? READ MORE

Crown lengthening, Should I do it? (photos)

I have four veneer composites for my front teeth for years (I used to have some gaps between my front teeth) now my dentist has offered me to do the... READ MORE

Just had crowns done and I really don't like them. Can they be redone?

I just had 15 year old crowns redone. They looked ok but we're starting to have issues underneath. The issue is the length. They are much shorter. I... READ MORE

What should I do about my uneven, chipped, small and narrow teeth? (photos)

Recently (6 months) I got my braces off. I was very happy with how they straightened my teeth but I didn't realize how small and stubby my teeth are.... READ MORE

Help me get my smile back. What are my options?

My teeth have changed after I became a mother. I am doing my whole mouth eventually but starting with top because that needs it the most. I already... READ MORE

Is it worth to make porcelain crowns and remove metal crowns on front teeth? (photo)

Hi i have question the dentist told me to think about it but i like to make my teeth looks better and i have metal crowns in front teeth and my option... READ MORE

Will dental crowns make my smile better as I have underbite along with gaps in upper teeth (photos)

My age is 21 yrs. I've consulted many doctors for the treatment of underbite and got so much confusion in return about what treatment to take, and... READ MORE

I just had 6 Emax crowns put on. They cemented them in with dark Grey cement. Is that right to use grey cement? (photo)

Emax crowns cemented in with dark grey colored blue light. Is this esthetically right? Will they look like they have a grey tint? I thought... READ MORE

Is there a pink gum filler of some sort to hide the black bit around my gum line or is it a renewing of the crown needed?(photo)

Is there any kind of pink gum filler of some sort to disguise my black gumline? The crown is a good match for my teeth and is strong but it makes you... READ MORE

How can I avoid unnecessary radiation from dental x-rays and procedures and keep my beautiful smile?

I'm in my early 60s and have great oral hygiene and fine teeth. In my 40s, I had my childhood mercury fillings removed and wore braces to correct my... READ MORE

How long will crown lengthing take to heal before I can get my crowns? (Photos)

Will I be needing more procedures for a healthy smile? I've asked before about my crowns but I wasn't able to upload pictures and such. I found out... READ MORE

Grey tint on single front tooth crown (Photo)

My last crown had a bluish tint being casted by my bruised gum due to issues with biological width. After customized coloration and visiting labs, I... READ MORE

Veneers vs. Crowns, want heavy duty Hollywood smile??

I did my zircon front crown @2008 so with Time it's doesn't match my natural tooth at all, I want to two different dentist :1) first one said I should... READ MORE

Which would you recommend; Emax, veneers, or crowns? (photos)

I am looking into getting a smile makeover. I've done quote a lot of research into different types of veneers and really love the sound of the emax... READ MORE

Crown color and size doesn't match. Please help. (photos)

OK, so the problem is 2 years ago my classmate threw a stone and broke my left front tooth. My dentist suggested me root canal of two teeth(left front... READ MORE

Is 8-10 crowns a good option for me at 22 years old? (photos)

Is crowns a good option for me for my top 8-10 teeth. Two at the side off my front middle are already vaneers and one is a temporary tooth made of... READ MORE

Which would you recommend; Veneers ? Crown ? (photos)

I'm obsessive over her smile how can I get my smile to be like hers I notice her 2 front teeth are longer then the rest and very thin I remember her... READ MORE

I want to build up my buccal corridor and get rid of my gummy smile. Any suggestions? (photos)

I did a lot of research before talking to my dentist about it I am doing the top 8 teeth crowns and getting implants and bridges on sides. I explained... READ MORE

Can I smoke after getting my temporary and permanent crown?

So I have got my rtc done and getting a temporary plastic crown for somedays till they my permanent crown is ready. I am getting my crown in my... READ MORE

Do crowns and veneers lead to eventual tooth loss?

I am 36 and recently had my smile "fixed" with 4 crowns and 2 veneers. Now I am very worried I made a huge mistake. Not only did my dentist scare me... READ MORE

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