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Can crowns on your front four teeth be shortened just a bit without taking the glaze off the fronts of them?

I've have my front four teeth crowned recently & they are just a bit too long. I'm really worried about getting them shortened because I don't want to... READ MORE

Can a crowned tooth over-erupt / hyper-erupt? (photos)

This is a follow up to a question of mine regarding my tooth that has over-erupted due to my retainer not covering my back teeth. If I get the tooth... READ MORE

New crown for a dental implant?

I have a UR central incisor implant, the implant, abutment and crown are all in good condition. Due to some re-shaping after I chipped it (and some... READ MORE

How can I have my tooth with a porcelain post and crown shortened?

I had a post and crown done some years ago. I've recently had photos taken and I see the crown is considerably longer than the other front tooth. It... READ MORE

Can I shorten the front crowns?

Ii had my 4 front crowns zeconia put on yesterday but they look too long and dent if they can be shorten ? Are they going to affect to quality of the... READ MORE

I had root canal done a year ago and have a temporary plastic material. My original crown was damaged. What can I do?

I had an RCT done about a year back and since then having a temp. plastic material covering it. It is not a cap just some plastic to hold the tooth... READ MORE

I feel like one side of my teeth is shorter than the other and do my gums look OK? (Photo)

In the past year my doctor did a bone graft. He did an impression while my gums were still healing & by the time the final teeth came in,my gums had... READ MORE

Shortening of cemented ceramic crowns?

I had crowns placed overseas. At the time I noticed they were longer, but I was told that I would get used to them. Time has passed but still think... READ MORE

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