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Teeth Have Short Roots, What Treatment Can I Have?

I Have a Front Tooth That Sticks out when I Visited the Authodontist He Said I Had Really Short Roots What Treatment Can I Have READ MORE

A Back Molar Fell Out but Still Have Some of the Root Stuck in my Gum, What Do I Do?

One of my Back Molars Has Fell Out,, but I Think I Still Have Some of the Root Stuck in my Gum, What Do I Do? READ MORE

I Have a Perforated Root (Crown) - What Are my Options? (photo)

Is this fixable or is extraction necessary? If so, can I get an implant or only a bridge? READ MORE

Why do I have pain in the root of my top right molar from crown dental work? (photos)

I received a temporary crown 3 weeks ago from my dentist. I had no pain at all before this procedure. Since then, I have been taking aleve, or... READ MORE

This happened to me years ago. Now I'm worried, crown fractured off the root

I didn't have dental for years and just got it, this happened to me some 7 years ago a lot of the root is still there but beginning to now fall out. I... READ MORE

If the root is dead, and the crown can be lengthened, can the tooth hold a new crown? Attached is my x-ray (Photo)

Recently, one of my cavity fillings fell out, with chipping at the edges of the tooth. My dentist referred me to an endodontist for root canal. Since... READ MORE

I have a root fracture after having 2 surgeries done. The crown is very loose. What are my options?

I have a root fracture after having 2 surgeries done. The crown is holding on a titanium poll and the crown is very loose. What are my options? The... READ MORE

Why bother with a crown? Why not pull the tooth instead?

I have a lot of bone loss, dentist says I need a crown. My tooth is basically half filling half too, so why bother? My bone loss is so bad why do a... READ MORE

I have had the nerve removed from a front tooth and a crown fitted after the tooth itself just broke off.

I do have a very deep bite and now the crown is beginning to protude and twist. Do roots move around? I can just push it back into place but am afraid... READ MORE

Is it possible to do an 8 tooth bridge with 4 supporting roots/teeth?

I'm trying to find out if it's possible to have teeth # 4 through #12 on a bridge with teeth numbers 4, 6, 8 and 12 as the supporting teeth? I've... READ MORE

Why is tooth freezing after 25 years of having root canal, post and crown?

I had Root canal, post and crown done on my two front tooth 25 years ago. now after all these years when I drink anything cold my front tooth will... READ MORE

I have a tooth that had a root canal around 1.5 years ago. Stupidly I never got it crowned.The tooth is pretty broken.

My dentist says the tooth is hopeless and must be extracted due to decay extending down the roots. I have severe anxiety/panic disorder. I'm willing... READ MORE

I had the crown part of an impacted tooth only visible by xray removed. Can the root be left there ?

I have a tooth that didn't come out and has impacted/crowded my bottom teeth. I need braces on the bottom to correct my bite so that my 4 implants can... READ MORE

I have two root tips in my gums from two teeth that fell out that were under my caps. I was born with no lateral teeth

My lateral tooth I've never had so Ive had a three tooth bridge on each side since I was 18 I'm now 39. I'm being told I will need a bone graft after... READ MORE

Do I really need dentist crown?

I have good teeth and i am 22 years old boy. I don't drink I don't smoke I have no bad habits. 4 days before i got teeth pain and i show it... READ MORE

Do I need a root filling? Or does the crown still need adjusting?

I had a cracked tooth, so my dentist, filled the tooth with a temporary crown. After the temp I got an infection and on two lots of antibotics. Went... READ MORE

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