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Bad Crown Fitting. What Are My Options From Here?

When my dentist fit my crown the bite was off. Lo and behold it did not fit. When he fit it he took off all the 'point' and left a hole in the crown.... READ MORE

How Often is "Build Up" Used for Crowns in Cosmetic Procedures

Also, if I am recrowning 20 teeth, how many visits (approximately) would that require and how spread out would they be. Trying to see the how many... READ MORE

Can a Tooth That's Been Prepared for a Crown Keep Getting a Crown on It?

Once the tooth receives a crown can that tooth keep getting a crown replaced on it every 15 years or so or does a point come when the person loses... READ MORE

What to Do About a Poorly Fitted Crown?

I had a small crown placed about 3 yrs ago on top right and to this day it bleeds when brushed or flossed....been to 5 dentists n lots of x-rays since... READ MORE

Never Ending Issues with a Front Upper Tooth Crown Not Fitting, What Can be Done?

Original crown and post were done in 2006, but the crown never felt good and adjustments didn't help. Then the post broke in 2009 and was replaced... READ MORE

Should I redo this crown? (Photo)

I have a single tooth zirconia crown put on less than a year ago. I am very unhappy with the way it looks. I think that the color does not match and... READ MORE

I Just Had Crowns 3 Weeks Ago and Don't Like the Color..they Are a Grayish Yellow. How Do I Get my Dentist to Redo Them?

I Just Had Crowns 3 Weeks Ago and Don't Like the Color..they Are a Grayish Yellow. How Do I Get my Dentist to Redo Them? READ MORE

Should I get my front tooth crown remade if I feel like its too short? (photo)

I replaced my crown with my dentist, shape and length was perfect but color was grey, not shown in first pic. I went to a specialist in May, color is... READ MORE

Can my crowns be removed before they fall off and be glued again?

I have two crown in my front teeth and i've had them for almost 5 years. Lately i been feelong like their loose, i can already see them coming off... READ MORE

Can I get crowns redone after only wearing for 6 months? (Photo)

My teeth in the older picture look so much nicer than my new 5 front crowns, 3 on right and 2 on left. Why did fixing my bite change the direction of... READ MORE

Retreatment of root canal treatment, can I retain my previous crown?

I had my rootcanal treatment done almost 7 yrs ago and i had crowns on them. I visited dentist last week and crown came out during treatment. There... READ MORE

Do I need Root Canal done again? (photo)

I got my root canal done about 5 years ago, and no the tooth broke from one side because of the weak perimeter. I went to my dentist and got xray... READ MORE

Should the Same Temp Crown Be Used After the Tooth Was Reshaped to Fit the Permanent?

When I went in to get the permanent crown installed my dentist drilled the tooth to get a better fit, but in the end the permanent had to be sent back... READ MORE

Is the this best match that is achievable? (photos)

This is the 2nd or 3rd crown that the dentist has made. I've been in to the lab for custom shading a few times already... I know that the lone tooth,... READ MORE

I want to redo my 2 front crowns. I do not like the shape and length. Would you advise this? (photo)

I would Redo my 2 front crowns. I do not like the shape and length. Would you advise this? I don't like how they are longer and the outward shape.... READ MORE

Had a crown on my tooth which didn't hurt, the dentist said there was a hole behind so I replaced it, now there's pain. Advice?

Since having this done I had pain first with the temporary crown so decided root canal to help. I have now had this done and the crown is now on, but... READ MORE

Should my crown be redone? Would it be wrong to ask him to redo it? (photo)

I just had a crown placed on my front tooth and I am worried that it does not look good. I am not happy with the color. I am even more frustrated... READ MORE

Is it fair to ask a dentist to redo his work free of charge for the second time if he did not do it correctly the first 2 times?

Originally needed a crown on tooth #19, received a porcelain crown that same visit. A week later chewing gum I heard a "POP"! He said my crown had... READ MORE

Dentist didnt want to fix bite after crown. I wanted a replacement. Offered to charge for labs for new crown. What's best soluti

I had a cerec one day crown installed and After complained my bite was not the same due to feeling my teeth rubbing specifically the canine teeth. I... READ MORE

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