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Why won't a crown treat a tooth cracked below the gumline?

I have a cracked tooth.  I don't know how badly the tooth is cracked.  I went for my crown the other day and when I tested the temporary... READ MORE

Can my broken crown be fixed, or would it need to be replaced? How much would it cost?

I have a crown on my front tooth which cracked/broke today, will it need to be rplaced or can the existing crown be fixed, will it be expensive? READ MORE

Chipped porcelain crown - Fix or replace? (photo)

I chipped my right upper porcelain crown and am wanting to see if it can be fixed or if I have to have it replaced. READ MORE

I have a crown on my front tooth which is loose. My tooth is fractured. Can the fracture not be repaired?

I have a crown on a post on front tooth which is loose. Dentist says tooth fractured so will need extracting and implant put in. Can the fracture not... READ MORE

How much does it basically cost to have a dentist fix your dental crown back into place when it falls off?

The crown over my molar has been loose for a couple of days. I do not feel intense pain, but it stings when i eat or drink hot and cold foods. I would... READ MORE

Can this onlay be repaired (temporarily at least)? (photos)

Approximately one year ago I had a root canal on tooth #29. The dentist placed what I thought was crown but now know to be an onlay on this tooth,... READ MORE

I can feel a crack at the back of my porcelain caps - can this be repaired and how much is it likely to cost?

I had my 6 front top teeth capped 4 years ago now with 2 pieces, each holding 3 teeth, made completely out of porcelain and anchored to my own teeth.... READ MORE

Can a four unit porcelain bridge be temporarily repaired while in my mouth?

17-yr old bridge that will needs replacement. One end unit, near front of mouth, in upper left side & back/ of 4-unit bridge cracked when eating. A... READ MORE

Reccomendation for enamel repair? (Photo)

Can minor filling help in the picture? There is no pain at all and the only problem it looks bad. Dentist says go for crown but i dont want it at this... READ MORE

Repairing a crown with missing enamel: Possible just to repair the enamel instead of replacing the crown?

I have a 45 year old crown on an upper tooth. I think it is #28 on a dental chart. It has recently lost a piece of the enamel that is visible from the... READ MORE

I Have 1 Implant & Several Crowns, Including 1 on the Implant. How Do I Get Repair?

I have several crowns put in by the same Dentist. One is on an implant. He had great difficulty getting them all to fit, especially the last one on... READ MORE

My porcelain crown snapped off from one of my front teeth my dentist said it can't be repaired?

My porcelain crown snapped off from one of my front teeth my dentist said it can't be repaired READ MORE

How do you repair a crown that has become dislodged from a fall? (Photo)

I fell and hit the corner table and cracked my lip and inside of my gum and my top front crown became loose very very lose I'm going to see a dentist... READ MORE

Can a porcelain crown be repaired when the top white composite sealant comes out and the silver filling is exposed?

Crown is an 8 yr. old molar that seems to be fine except the top wore off and now I see a silver filling inside. No cracks or pain or inflammation.... READ MORE

Root canal and crown. Any suggestions?

I just got a root canal re-treatment on tooth #3 because a large PAP, the endodontist did not remove the crown, when she was done she told me the... READ MORE

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