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Will my Gums Eventually Recede After Getting Teeth Crowns?

The dentist recommend me crowns but I am not sure about it because people with old crowns has a deep space between the gum and the teeth or you can... READ MORE

I have a gap between new crown and receding gum line. Is it because I had a bad mould? (Photo)

Dentist says he can't close the gap because food will just get in behind and cause cavities. I told him it was supposed to be up to the gym line and... READ MORE

There appears to be a gap between one of my capped teeth & the gum line. Is this a sign that the gum might be receding? (Photo)

After brushing the gum appears white - ish in colour, could this be a sign I'm brushing to hard? Sorry about the blurry photo but you can see a little... READ MORE

Should I Replace my Old Dental Implant? What Can I Replace It With? Why Doesn't my New Dental Work Match?

When I was little, I fell and chipped one of my front teeth. Over the next several years, it turned a dark color and I got an abscess on the gum above... READ MORE

Front two teeth crowned, gums receding, And really stick out. I hate them. (photo)

Due to injury, I had to have my two front teeth crowned as a teen. Now I am left with two huge front teeth, that are not only oversized, but stick... READ MORE

Can a crown be put on teeth with receding gums?

I have receding gums on lower front teeth. Can I have longer crowns put on to cover the recession without gum grafts? READ MORE

Is there a way of getting the gum back over the crown without replacing the crown?

My two front teeth are crowns and I have had them for a good 25 years and the gums have receeded. A few months ago I had to get one replaced because... READ MORE

Disastrous crowns done abroad in Europe - Pls look at pics and advise. What can I do? What are my rights? (UK citizen). (photos)

Teeth were bad due to illhealth, Ive calcium deficiency/req magnesium transfusions. Told gums likely to start receding. Crowns 5/2016, not yet... READ MORE

Do you get root canals for receding gumline on a crown tooth?

Also, how far under a root can you get an infection/absess? Are there natural very, very small spaces in bone on an xray? READ MORE

Can dentist rebond teeth? How to stop receding gum around new crown?

Old Crown, upper and on side, replaced 6 months ago. Gum is receding/showing a very slight line of metal. Prior dentist said gum tissue is sensitive... READ MORE

Any suggestions for old crown sensitivity?

When I tap on the crown with my finger I can feel sensitivity. No sensitivity to hot cold or pressure when chewing. It is a porcelain crown that is... READ MORE

Is It Likely That a Woman of 60 Years of Age Will get Results From Orthodontics?

I have a few dental issues. My dentist at Univ of Iowa Dental is trying to correct an ill advised cosmetic job on lower front teeth. He has to correct... READ MORE

My two front crowns don't match! Any suggestions? (photos)

I had my top front teeth capped 35 years ago and they have been great until 6 years ago the left one broke. The dentist I went to at the time replaced... READ MORE

I have a crown with a receding gum line and stain. How can it be removed? And I'd it costly? Can I fix it at home? (photo)

I work at a school and it actually distracted the kids when I'm working with them. And I need them to stay focused. I don't know what to do. Stupid... READ MORE

Why have my dental crowns sunk in? (photos)

I had dental implant surgery due to missing lateral incisors about at age 17, now 33. My crowns have become much shorter than my natural teeth, not... READ MORE

What is involved in crown restoration and what does it cost?

I had crowns placed over my upper teeth about twenty years that time the dentist also performed a gingivectomy. His opinion was that my gums... READ MORE

I replaced a 10 year crown on #30 because of a slight gum recession at the corner next to #29. Should I worry?

It was only about 1/8 inch. The dentist went under the gum to make it uniform and now the new crown looks very long towards the gum and bulky. at... READ MORE

Can I save this tooth with a root canal or do I need a permanent tooth?

I went to a clinic where students worked on my teeth. I had a filling on my incisor (I believe it is number 11). When I went home I found, to my... READ MORE

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