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Why Do Some Dental Crowns Have Black Lines Near The Gum Area?

Why some dental crowns have black line near the gum area. READ MORE

Why is my New Crown Breaking the 3rd Time?

I had an old crown replaced after 7 years of being completely fine. Two weeks after the initial fitting the crown cracked and chipped. The dentist was... READ MORE

Why am I having throbbing pain years after root canal/new crown in place?

A few years back by a previous dentist I got a root canal done on a molar. A year ago, from my new dentist, a permanent crown was put onEver since, I... READ MORE

Why is there a bad odor coming out of my tooth crown?

I got a porcelain crown like 3 years ago I noticed that the gum area on top of the crown seemed to be darker than the rest of the gum I tried to floss... READ MORE

Crown Procedure/Bite Correction. Need Second Opinion?

A restoration dentist determined that a bite problem has caused a hairline fracture in my right eye tooth (which also has a root canal). The... READ MORE

Tooth 4 Had Root Canal. Why Didn't My DDS Discuss Other Options With Me Before Drilling 2 Healthy Teeth?

Then broke, DDS removed temp filling and did build up, it was fine, then as she went to do crown Prep she said tooth broke at gum line and the only... READ MORE

Three months after root canal the tooth is moving, what does this mean?

A couple of months ago permanent crown was placed on my root canal treated tooth and things were fine for a little while. Then over a month ago i had... READ MORE

What is the reason behind the 'gum pain' above the bridge fitted? (Photo)

It has been one year since I have had three unit dental Bridge fitted in front teeth. Nowadays I'm feeling pain on gum above one unit of my... READ MORE

Would It Harm the Teeth if I Had Composite Done Repeatedly?

My teeth are straight,healthy but yellowish because of tetracyline.I told the dentist do what he thinks the best,he did 7 crowns on my front teeth... READ MORE

Why do I keep getting a gum infection around a new crown? (3 months ago)

I have taken 2 rounds of antibiotics. The area gets better after finishing the antibiotic and then a week to 10 days later the infection is back. READ MORE

Why is my pre existing crowned tooth still sensitive after a root canal?

I had a root canal done on a pre existing crown. The endodontist has redone it twice and still the crown has an odd feeling on the outside. Strange... READ MORE

Crown replaced due to age and SLIGHT sensitivity to cold.

I had an old crown replaced. When temporary was removed, assistant was cleaning glue from area and hit a nerve. Permenant crown put on...ever since, 4... READ MORE

Why would a dentist estimate include core build up for #s 11,12,13 bridge and anterior crowns for 6,7,8,9, & 10? (Photo)

Estimate for bridge & crowns veneers to close diastema included core build up for ALL 8 teeth. #12 extracted, so 11,12,13 bridge but build up... READ MORE

Why am I in pain after getting a temporary crown?

I just got a temporary crown put on 4 days ago. I have been in pain ever since I left the dentist office. I figured my gums were just swollen from... READ MORE

Why is my tooth crown grey? Will it cost a lot to be fixed?

A few years back I chipped one of my front teeth and I went and got a crown and ever since it looks grey. I really want to get it fixed because It... READ MORE

Why have I been recommended to have bell glass onlay on a broken tooth rather than a crown?

Ihave been recommended to have a belle glass onlay rather than a pfm crown which means that I have to pay in excess of 550 rather than the nhs charge... READ MORE

Why crown is irritating too much? (Photo)

I had cavaties on 4 of my teeth without pain lower and back side. 1 deep and 1 minor on each side. Minor have only fillings. On deep dentist did... READ MORE

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