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How Much Does a Dental Crown Cost?

What's the normal price range for dental crowns, when you have to pay out of pocket and have no dental insurance? READ MORE

How Much Will It Cost to Have Crowns Done on the Front Teeth?

What type of crowns are the most effective, are these the most expensive? What is the average cost of having crowns done? READ MORE

Do I need Root Canal after Cavity filling?

I just recently for cavity filling done. My dentist initially said I may need root canal, but she did cavity filling instead. Last week when I went to... READ MORE

If I was charged for a crown and it didn't get put in. Can I get a refund?

Dentist had put a temp on # 6 and did try one crown that they didnt like the way it seated, so they took another cast and sent it off. Then 9-11... READ MORE

If crown falls off in office, what is the appropriate procedure and fair price?

My crown fell off while doctor was cleaning my teeth. He charged me $125 extra for cementing it back in place. I felt he was too vigorous while... READ MORE

Could you please explain the difference between a 3/4 crown and a veneer when it comes to a peg laterals? Price difference?

Is it appropriate for a dentist to place a 3/4 crown instead of a veneer without any discussion or explanation when a patient payed for a veneer? How... READ MORE

I have recently had a implant procedure, from oral surgeon.

My dentist in general dentistry, wants to charge $2800 for the crown,is this the going price.My friends say that this is extravagant. READ MORE

18 front teeth reconstruction.

I have 10 upper and 8 lower teeth visible and would like to get emax crowns. My dentist said one tooth needs a root canal treatment. He quoted 17K for... READ MORE

Is it possible to change the shade of an eMax crown after it's been made?

2 days ago I had eMax crowns placed on my 4 front teeth. The size and shape of each crown is okay but the color and shade do not match my natural... READ MORE

New cap that doesn't look good, what are my options? (Photo)

Had the cap put on a couple weeks ago and as soon as I noticed the metal looked like a cavity the dentist said it looked fine to him and if I don't... READ MORE

Temporary dental crown before permanent crowns. Prosthodontics wisdom please.

I have temporary crown on some of my teeth Unfortunately, before I could have the permanent crowns placed, the dentist died I found a dentist who says... READ MORE

Price range for dental crowns?

I need 5 crowns on the top teeth i had a root can in tooth number 8 or 9, 1 of the two front teeth, the tooth that was root canaled is discolored and... READ MORE

Root canals and crown screw ups.

I have spent a lot of money on my teeth these past few years. some of it repeating dental work on the same teeth, especially root canals. recently I... READ MORE

I had two teeth capped with what they called eMax onlays, is it normal for the dental assistant to do the molds?

Ins Pays $1995, out of pocket: $1200. I decided to proceed with this dentist because of his reputation/awards. I think he shaved the bad part off the... READ MORE

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