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Is it normal to be in pain this long after having crown prep & placement?

My dentist had me wait over 2 months to place the permanent as he wanted my pain to subside/tooth to heal after being in pain after 1st crown prep. He... READ MORE

Had a crown prep procedure and there has been an intense throbbing pain that comes and goes.

I do not know what causes the pain but it is not random. It occurs often when i take naps, and at night, almost like clock work. Rarely it hurts... READ MORE

I have a throbbing intermittent pain 3 weeks after having a crown prep done.

I go in on Tuesday to have the permanent crown bonded and I am not sure if I should wait? The thing that is puzzling is that my pain comes and goes... READ MORE

Prep for 16 Dental Crowns 6 Days Ago, Still in Pain?

I suffered from HG(Hyperemesis gravidarum) during both of my pregnancies. I now need all 26 of my teeth crowned. Last Saturday I had all 16 of my back... READ MORE

How much does it cost to prepare a tooth for crown?

My wife had a bad experience with a dentist and does not want to go back yet they are charging us over $2000 for peeping 2 teeth and just wanted to... READ MORE

Is It Common Practice for a Dentist to Ask a Patient if Gum Tissue Can Be Removed to Prep for a Crown?

I had a gum graft to two lower back teeth. The gum was healthy with no pocket. Recently, I was prepped for a new crown and discovered a little over... READ MORE

Tooth prepared for crown now sensitive to hot and cold on inside?

Area also was tender when placing temp. crown. Dentist molded the temp crown material, is that normal? READ MORE

Is a crown prep that requires treating a cavity in the tooth a separate charge?

I recently needed to replace an existing crown on a molar. There was decay at the margin, so I was charged for a separate procedure to 'build up' the... READ MORE

I have throbbing pain in my molar tooth that was prepped for a crown 1 week ago. Is this normal?

My molar had a deep filling and i started getting sharp pains when i chewed. The dentist said it probably had a small crack and needs a crown. After... READ MORE

I had 3 teeth crown prepped on May 5,2016. #29,30,3 - Proceeded to have 2 of 3 root canals separately. I'm still in pain?

Dentist is on vavation so it's been a long wait but honestly it's ok because I'm hurting and afraid to have him touch my mouth. Cannot wait to have... READ MORE

Pain after new crown prep

My dentist slightly reduced my already prepped tooth to achieve the crown dimensions I prefer. he said the method he was using would not result in the... READ MORE

Is it possible that Dentist's prepping of tooth for crown is what has caused requirement for root canal?

Had amalgum fillings Dentist claimed tooth needed crown dentist prepped tooth for crown put on temporary crown Now - pain in tooth Now root canal required READ MORE

Do I have an infection in my mouth after crown preparation procedure? (photo)

I had a crown prep procedure done five days ago. after the Novocain wore off I had a hard swollen lump in my cheek by my jaw area. It has not gotten... READ MORE

Root canal after crown prep?

Does the pain that indicates the need for a root canal present itself immediately following prep for a crown or does it take time to onset? READ MORE

Swollen gums 3 weeks after crown preparation.

Molar had a RC done and I have swelling in the gum margin of that tooth and gum is still sore 3 weeks after crown prep. RC done but no temp or crown... READ MORE

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