Pain Medication + Dental Crown

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How do I relieve horrible pain almost 2 months later after crown?

Had a crown almost 2 months later and the pain can be excruciating. I take Aleve and/or Ibuprofen 3-4 times a day. The tooth is "very" sensitive to... READ MORE

Should I be in this much pain after crowns?

I had 10 crowns put on my top 10 teeth. Wanted veneers but the dentist opted for crowns. I'm having constant throbbing pain throughout the day and... READ MORE

Should I take off my temp crowns?

Been36 hours and I'm in agony, I have taken all pain meds given to me (ibuprofen 800mg, tramadol 50mgs, hydrocodone acetaminophen 5 / 325mg, oragel,... READ MORE

My jaw alignment is off and still in very uncomfortable, will the pain ever go away? (Photos)

After their work my jaw does not reposition to where the muscles used to sit in harmony and comfort; this has been a very painful and uncomfortable... READ MORE

Tooth lengthening, aches and pain, anything to ease the pain?

Tooth lengthening last Thurs, all good until today, Sun, aching and pain from tooth worked on to ear. What to know what meds will help me and should I... READ MORE

What is your experience with root canal crack during application of a crown? Why does it happen? Options other than an implant?

I have a front tooth with a >10 yr old root canal, the tooth started to loose structure so went in to have crown started. During the procedure, while... READ MORE

Sharp pain in tooth and jaw from root canal done 3 days ago. Have been taking pain pills every 6 hrs did have infection.

Had a root canal on #19 on Mon and my jaw and tooth still hurt. If my top teeth touch the area, I have very sharp pain. The tooth already had a crown,... READ MORE

Continued pain after temporary crown and two bite adjustments normal?

I had my last molar replaced with temp crown and the tooth next to it had a filling replaced. I had toothache that night and next 2 days where I... READ MORE

I am having swelling and pain from old crown on a moler. How can I reduce the pain?

Can this be dangerous ? It's been over 35 years now all sudden I can see my tooth on outside of gums and food gets stuck & I have to pick it out... READ MORE

Is it normal to have Pain after 8 days of 2 dental implant on the lower tooth?

I still feel some pain after implanting the 4th and the 6th tooth, swelling disappeared after 2-3 days, the gum Has slight inflammation, the pain is... READ MORE

How can I relieve bridge pain after my dental crown?

New bridge 2 months ago and still in bad pain. Have been back to dentist twice who has adjusted bite and said it could take up to 6 months to settle... READ MORE

Update on 4 crowns question; teeth were not bad at all and dentist advised to do them since filling was the silver type. Advice?

Dear Dentists who so kindly replied to me Thank you very much for your feedback. All 4 of the teeth were fine they just had the amalgam from when I... READ MORE

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