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Pain Under Crown Months After Root Canal?

I had a root canal performed on one of my molars in November of 2012. They covered the tooth with a porcelain crown. 8 months later I am experiencing... READ MORE

Why Do I Have Pain After the Permanent Crowns Have Been Placed. I Had No Pain with the Temporary's at All?

My dentist replaced two of my old molar fillings with crowns. I had absolutely no pain with the temps., but immediately after he placed the permanent... READ MORE

What is Causing the Unbelievable Throbbing INTERMITTEN Pain in my Teeth?

I had a tooth crowned in Nov 2012. After the permanent crown was placed, i had sensitivity and a little pain in my cheek directly over the gum of the... READ MORE

Is it normal to be in pain this long after having crown prep & placement?

My dentist had me wait over 2 months to place the permanent as he wanted my pain to subside/tooth to heal after being in pain after 1st crown prep. He... READ MORE

Bad Smell in Between Tooth, and Light Pain when I Get Food Stuck?

Hello. I had a root canal about 6 months ago and they just recently put my crown on. Before all if this ,my tooth was abseced and it smelled horrible.... READ MORE

Pain with Temporary Crowns?

Early August I had a root canal on tooth # 31. For about a week, the tooth continued to hurt. I then went in to have teeth # 30 & 32 prepped for... READ MORE

Biting Pain After Root Canal?

Initially I had my bottom left tooth filled for a cavity, but began to feel pain when I chewed with that tooth. There was a crack in the tooth that... READ MORE

1 month following root canal it hurts to chew hard things, sensitive to touch. What options do I have to treat this?

I got a root canal 2 months ago. I had a crown on the tooth so the dentist went through the crown. A week after the RC, I had discomfort when I chewed... READ MORE

How Often Are Root Canals Needed Right After Putting in a Dental Crown?

What causes this to happen? What is the procedure? Is an entirely new crown needed? READ MORE

Could Ill-fitting Crown Be the Source of Severe Jaw/ear Pain?

I cracked my lower left second molar, had to have a crown put on. It was sitting too high. Took a couple months to get back in for adjustment. I am... READ MORE

Do I Need to Remove my Bridge? (photo)

Hello there, i have pain all around ears, neck, temples, eye brows, right back side of head from the date i got dental implant (bridge). this pain... READ MORE

Temporary Filling of Root Canal Came Out. in Pain What to Do?

Had root can al done 2 years ago. Couldnt afford crown at time bc of no insurance.Temporary filling came out 7 months of tooth broke off to... READ MORE

My Tooth Hurts While Eating After a Normal Filling?

It doesn't always hurt, it's good till i eat a really hard meal like steak and once it starts to hurt it take few days hurts with any simple soft food... READ MORE

Should a Lot of Pain Be Expected During the Dental Crown Procedure?

What will be done so that the jaw won't hurt during the dental crown procedure? READ MORE

How do I relieve horrible pain almost 2 months later after crown?

Had a crown almost 2 months later and the pain can be excruciating. I take Aleve and/or Ibuprofen 3-4 times a day. The tooth is "very" sensitive to... READ MORE

Could I have a crack underneath my crown?

I bit something hard with the back side of my crown (top molar) and began feeling discomfort. I then flossed it and it began to hurt so bad. I took... READ MORE

Pain when Pressing on Crown After Loading of Dental Implant Crown?

I had a 2nd implant done on tooth 8. went through a bone graft waited 4 months then implant placement and waited another 8 months. All seemed well -... READ MORE

Bite Problems After Cosmetic Crowns

I've been to two top cosmetic dentists in the nation to get crowns, and they cannot get my bite right. What is an expert/specialist on bites... READ MORE

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