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Composite Filling, Inlay/onlay, Crown, or CEREC?

My dentist said he can restore my tooth #28 by all of the above and tooth #15 by all except a crown. He mentioned that crown requires the most shaving... READ MORE

Can I Get an 'Onlay' Instead of a 'Crown' After a Root Canal on Tooth 13 - Premolar? (photo)

Isn't onlay a more conservative route, preserving more of my natural tooth? Would need a post for an onlay or is that just for crown? Also, what does... READ MORE

Is a porcelain inlay/onlay or resin filling better for a cracked molar?

I have a cracked (not big) molar tooth. Doctor offered a crown or "to try" resin filling, but warned that tooth may crack more. I read that porcelain... READ MORE

Save Tooth Enamel with Onlay Instead of Crown. Why Weaker Than Full Crown? SAME Core Build-up As for a Crown? (photo)

After RCT I want to save front enamel. I don't care about back appearance. Using same core build-up as for a crown, NOT bonding. Why a top onlay... READ MORE

Optimal Onlay Material for Molar-gold, All Ceramic, EMax, PFM, Zirconia, or CEREC?

If the preference is to have the least natural tooth removed during preparation, least wear on the opposing teeth, and high resistance to fracture,... READ MORE

My question is can a type 4 gold inlay/onlay be converted into a type 4 gold crown ?

Getting an inlay / onlay ( i forgot which) tomorrow, but an Endodontist discovered i had a cracked tooth from several heat and pressure tests. So a... READ MORE

Can this onlay be repaired (temporarily at least)? (photos)

Approximately one year ago I had a root canal on tooth #29. The dentist placed what I thought was crown but now know to be an onlay on this tooth,... READ MORE

Is porcelain inlay/onlay the procedure I had and was it the best choice? (Photo)

I went to my dentist for a crown after a root canal and his assistant said"since you have 2 more teeth in front with deep cavities under the filling,... READ MORE

Do I need inlay/onlay, crown, or root canal? (Photos)

The lower portion of my molar broke off ehile I was eating a hard fruit. This tooth has a large filling put in when I was many years younger. The... READ MORE

Why have I been recommended to have bell glass onlay on a broken tooth rather than a crown?

Ihave been recommended to have a belle glass onlay rather than a pfm crown which means that I have to pay in excess of 550 rather than the nhs charge... READ MORE

I had two teeth capped with what they called eMax onlays, is it normal for the dental assistant to do the molds?

Ins Pays $1995, out of pocket: $1200. I decided to proceed with this dentist because of his reputation/awards. I think he shaved the bad part off the... READ MORE

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