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Should a Root Canal Be Done with the Old Crown in Place??

My wife was recently told she needed a root canal after experiencing some pain under her old crown. The dentist also told her that after the root... READ MORE

Teeth Feel a Bit Loose After 6 Crowns to Top Front Teeth, Normal?

I had 6 crowns put on my top teeth, all in the front. I still am nervous to bite into some foods because it feels like my teeth wiggle. I went back to... READ MORE

Hurts when I bite down still after having a crown placed. PLEASE HELP

I recently had a crown placed on one of my back teeth, I had to done 3 days ago and still to this day it hurts when I bite down on my tooth? Is this... READ MORE

Temporary Cement for Permanent Crown, is That Standard Practice of Care?

I have had temporary cement for my permanent crown for the past 4 months. When I went back to my dentist to have the permanent cement put in, her and... READ MORE

Normal for Metal to Show on Cap/crown?

I just had 2 lower molars crowned. On both there is quite a large ugly margin of metal showing on the inside and there is also a fine line of metal... READ MORE

When Getting a Crown is There Ever a Need for a Gingivectomy?

I'm told after a crown has to be re-done do to a gap in the margins between tooth and crown, that I need a gingivectomy. Would you ever need a... READ MORE

New Crown Feels Loose, Doctor Says Its Ok. Whenwill It Feel Solid?

New Crown Feels Loose, Doctor Says Its Ok. Whenwill It Feel Solid? READ MORE

Is a Post and Build Up Required for Dental Crowns on Front Teeth?

Is a Post and Build Up Required for Dental Crowns on Front Teeth? READ MORE

Have You Ever Heard of a Crown Lenghting?

I have been told that I need a crown on my 14th tooth ($985.00) and that I also will need a Crown Lenghting ($593.00) I have never heard of a crown... READ MORE

Is it normal to have pain after crowns procedure?

I’ve got crowns on all my teeth, now one week after the permananet crowns i still have pain that wake me up at night. I take ibuprofen about 600 m... READ MORE

Bleeding from temporary crowns on front teeth. Is it normal?

Hello I had 4 temp caps placed on yesterday 8 dec, when i floss between the the caps my gum bleeds is this normal, thanks READ MORE

Is it normal/possible for a tooth that had a crown then a root canal to still experience pain or discomfort?

I had a crown & then a root canal a couple months ago. The past week or so, I've noticed that same tooth becoming more sensitive, especially to... READ MORE

is it normal to have sensivity pain after dental crown?

I have done with the dental crown and now im having high sensitivity on my tooh even after 1 week. Is it normal? if yes then how much time does it... READ MORE

There is a rounded ridge where my gums meet my new dental crown, is this normal?

I have a new dental crown in the back bottom in front of my wisdom tooth and I noticed that were the gum and teeth meet there is a rounded ridge. It... READ MORE

Pain after permanent crown in root canal tooth...normal?

Just over a year ago I had a root canal on a tooth. My insurance did not then cover a crown, so my dentist filled it, and I had no problems with it.... READ MORE

The Dental Crowns I had placed after 2 root canals seem to move slightly more than my other teeth. Is this normal?

I had root canal treatment and on my two upper central incisors. This was a few months ago and the crowns that were put were either porcelain or... READ MORE

Pain after temporary crown was removed to fit for permanent crown (implant). Is this normal?

I have an implant on #9. Every thing was healing fine and no problems whatsoever. I went in to have my fitting for my permanent crown. They removed... READ MORE

Intense radiating pain all the time since getting temporary crown put on, no root canal performed. Is this pain normal?

I have had a lot of dental work done over the years but this pain is by far the worst. It has been three days since getting a temporary crown put on.... READ MORE

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