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Zirconia Crowns Vs Emax Crowns?

A year ago I placed 9 upper anterior Zirconia crowns. After 3 months, I could see a change, now, they don't look natural at all. I want to replace... READ MORE

E.Max Vs Empress Crowns For Most Natural Looking?

I need to get crowns on my front teeth. Different dentist use different types of crowns and have their own opinion on it. Which is most natural... READ MORE

Develop a Gap Between my Teeth After Two Separate Crowns on Front Teeth? (photo)

I am in Korea and I am getting two permanent crowns done on my front 2 teeth. My Korean dentist wants to attach the crowns so that they are one unit.... READ MORE

Are e.Max all porcelain crowns or Lava crowns better for front teeth? (Photo)

My dentist originally recommended Lava crowns for two teeth (Upper 9 & 10) that have previously had root canals. Tooth 9 is beginning to darken. I now... READ MORE

I Am Getting 10 Upper Crowns to Correct Yellowness That I Have Been Self-conscious About All of my Life?

My skin is pale, the whites of my eyes have a blue tint and my coloring looks best with a white white. All my research points to the skill of the... READ MORE

I just went from Veneers to Crowns on my front 4 teeth. They don't seem natural looking. Should I have them redone? (photo)

The new crowns are not as translucent and are dark around the gums. They seems to wide and kind of stick out. Am I being too particular? READ MORE

The most natural looking crown?

My four front teeth are crowns from long time ago and I have replaced one using Emax and now I want to replace tthree others, I saw Dr and he believes... READ MORE

Should I change my crown? (Photo)

Front teeth broke: one not so much (the root didn't get exposed) but the other one did, so I got an implant (14 yrs ago). I think, it's NOT a ceramic... READ MORE

Can I get a smaller and natural looking tooth during the permanent crowning? (Photo)

I had my crowns today on the front tooth and it was a temporary one which was attached together and it was too big. can i get a smaller and natural... READ MORE

Is it difficult to replace a crowned tooth with a new one? Can a technician construct a natural looking tooth from scratch?

I have a molar that was crowned 4 1/2 years ago. I don't like it, I never liked it. It looks nothing like a tooth, especially the original one it... READ MORE

Veneers versus crowns; would crowns look natural as veneers?

I had veneers put on my two front teeth a few years ago because of a space and I'm not very happy with them. My new dentist wants to fix it by giving... READ MORE

Dental Bridge replacement material options that would match a veneer/look most natural? (photo)

I have a porcelain/metal bridge that I got in 2006 after a failed root canal (front left tooth). I'm not a candidate for dental implant as I don't... READ MORE

I have to have an acrylic partial put on my front tooth. Will it look natural? (Photo)

I am 30 years old and I am scared the death that ppl will be able to tell.. And can you eat with acrylic partials? READ MORE

I have two frontal crowns(done in 2014) that do not match my original teeth. Any suggestions?

I would like to have a maximum natural look as i am unconfident to smile. What would be better to solve the problem: re-do two frontal crowns, or do... READ MORE

Can a new crown be colored matched to my surrounding teeth? (Photo)

This is my permanent crown I got 4 months ago. I absolutely hate the color of it. I think it looks so ugly and definitely fake. Will a new better... READ MORE

BL Shades Crowns

Please could anyone post some pictures of BL1-4 shades. Having crowns fitted in September and not sure what shade I should look at. I have off white... READ MORE

What are my options for a dentist cementing a crown on my tooth that I did not approve? (Photos)

Can this poorly fitted or manufactured crown be redone by the same dentist? Would he possibly use the same color. This tooth feels cold and different... READ MORE

Crown or Veneers on 2 front teeth? (Photos)

My dentist would like to do either a crown but preferably veneers on my 2 front teeth. I have a large filling needed on the back side of one and a... READ MORE

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