Missing Teeth + Dental Crown

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How to Correct an Overbite W/ Bridges and Crowns on Top Teeth?

I lost 3 teeth on top do to an accident and had bridges and crowns to fix my upper teeth, however, years later am having jaw pain and have a deep... READ MORE

A Back Molar Fell Out but Still Have Some of the Root Stuck in my Gum, What Do I Do?

One of my Back Molars Has Fell Out,, but I Think I Still Have Some of the Root Stuck in my Gum, What Do I Do? READ MORE

Bridge or Implant For Missing Tooth?

My middle tooth is missing due to a long back accident. I decided to go for a bridge option and underwent a root canal treatment on two adjacent teeth... READ MORE

Missing Canine?

When i was still young my doctor extracted my (r) canine because he thought it was a temporary one, but as the years rolled by, no canine appeared... READ MORE

Zirconium, Porcelain, Ceramic or Plastic Crown? Which one is better for my health?

I am 23 and almost my whole teeth are seperated.I have too many lacking teeth. I want to fix my teeth and smile but i have some concerns about it. Are... READ MORE

DDS: Should I Get a Full Mouth X-ray Series (12+) or Will One 3D CT Be Equally Good?

This is mostly for general dentistry needs . Have a few missing teeth maybe for implants. insurance will pay for one or the other. Which to get--need... READ MORE

Is there a way to make my front teeth look smaller than they are naturally with a bridge? (photos)

I currently have a Maryland bridge on my front teeth because I am congenitally missing my 2 front lateral incisors. I am considering replacing that... READ MORE

I have a permanent bridge in the front of my mouth. It hurts and doesn't feel right. Should I replace the whole bridge?

I have a lot of missing teeth all around the rest of my mouth,,,I have had this bridge done over 23 years ago and the dentist did an excellent job...... READ MORE

Zirconia bridge does not fit margins and looks unsightly. Is there any recourse after it is permanently cemented?

A zirconia bridge on zirconia abutments + implants was cemented permanently before I was given a chance to evaluate it. The margins are too high all... READ MORE

I want to know if i have enough room for a crown in the area my tooth is missing? (photos)

I want to know if i have enough room for a crown in the are my tooth is missing. One dentist told me to get a bridge were the missing space would be... READ MORE

Unknown happy with dental bridge.. Any suggestions? (photos)

I was missing the left and right cuspid teeth. My dentist said a bridge on both sides would allow me to have a better smile.I told him I didnt think... READ MORE

Gum pulled away from lateral incisor tooth (root canal tooth as well). What should I do? (photo)

I lost 3 teeth . So i have bridge with total of 7 teeth. Please give me advice on what should i do now if the gum is pulled away from right... READ MORE

Dental crown fell out. What do I do?

Yes I have a crown that fail out prob due to teeth next too it growing npushed on it it's right n frontIt is. Right in front in the middle of my mouth... READ MORE

What advice do you have for me regarding my future treatment for a missing tooth and crown replacement? (photo)

Tooth (#6 upper right), was pulled out- Tooth #10 upper left, has a crown which is not a natural-looking color or shape. I'm approaching end of my... READ MORE

I've had a 2 tooth bridge fitted with a pin in the second tooth supporting it over the lost tooth.

After 3 hours, the tooth fell out leaving the post cemented into the tooth. I'm covered for the initial 2 tooth bridge but now faced with a potential... READ MORE

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