Missing Teeth + Dental Crown

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How to Correct an Overbite W/ Bridges and Crowns on Top Teeth?

I lost 3 teeth on top do to an accident and had bridges and crowns to fix my upper teeth, however, years later am having jaw pain and have a deep... READ MORE

A Back Molar Fell Out but Still Have Some of the Root Stuck in my Gum, What Do I Do?

One of my Back Molars Has Fell Out,, but I Think I Still Have Some of the Root Stuck in my Gum, What Do I Do? READ MORE

Missing Canine?

When i was still young my doctor extracted my (r) canine because he thought it was a temporary one, but as the years rolled by, no canine appeared... READ MORE

Bridge or Implant For Missing Tooth?

My middle tooth is missing due to a long back accident. I decided to go for a bridge option and underwent a root canal treatment on two adjacent teeth... READ MORE

Zirconium, Porcelain, Ceramic or Plastic Crown? Which one is better for my health?

I am 23 and almost my whole teeth are seperated.I have too many lacking teeth. I want to fix my teeth and smile but i have some concerns about it. Are... READ MORE

DDS: Should I Get a Full Mouth X-ray Series (12+) or Will One 3D CT Be Equally Good?

This is mostly for general dentistry needs . Have a few missing teeth maybe for implants. insurance will pay for one or the other. Which to get--need... READ MORE

Zirconia bridge does not fit margins and looks unsightly. Is there any recourse after it is permanently cemented?

A zirconia bridge on zirconia abutments + implants was cemented permanently before I was given a chance to evaluate it. The margins are too high all... READ MORE

Is there a way to make my front teeth look smaller than they are naturally with a bridge? (photos)

I currently have a Maryland bridge on my front teeth because I am congenitally missing my 2 front lateral incisors. I am considering replacing that... READ MORE

I have a permanent bridge in the front of my mouth. It hurts and doesn't feel right. Should I replace the whole bridge?

I have a lot of missing teeth all around the rest of my mouth,,,I have had this bridge done over 23 years ago and the dentist did an excellent job...... READ MORE

I want to know if i have enough room for a crown in the area my tooth is missing? (photos)

I want to know if i have enough room for a crown in the are my tooth is missing. One dentist told me to get a bridge were the missing space would be... READ MORE

Gum pulled away from lateral incisor tooth (root canal tooth as well). What should I do? (photo)

I lost 3 teeth . So i have bridge with total of 7 teeth. Please give me advice on what should i do now if the gum is pulled away from right... READ MORE

Unknown happy with dental bridge.. Any suggestions? (photos)

I was missing the left and right cuspid teeth. My dentist said a bridge on both sides would allow me to have a better smile.I told him I didnt think... READ MORE

I am getting an all ceramic 6 unit bridge for my front teeth. I have 4 missing teeth and the canines are being used as a support

The dentist placed a temp bridge but that felt too tight. I was given another temp but am having issues- a) I am having pain on pressing the canine... READ MORE

What's the best way to fix wrongly fitted crown/bridge over implants? (Photo)

In February 2016, I got my crown/bridge over 4 implants and 2 missing teeth in the middle on my upper teeth. Part of the crown/bridge is closed that... READ MORE

I got two bridges in the front on my mouth for a missing tooth on each side, did i make a mistake? is there anything i can do?

I got two bridges in the front on my mouth for a missing tooth on each side, did i make a mistake? is there any way i can fix this? im only 25 years... READ MORE

Issues with permanent bridge. Whom should I consult? (photos)

I had a 6 unit all ceramic front bridge placed ( 4 missing front teeth due to an accident, canines used as support) . I am having some problems with... READ MORE

Does Medicaid cover bridge work?

I am missing four teeth - incisors 23-26 which fell out or were broken. I understand that implants are not covered my Medicaid, but what about a... READ MORE

What are my options for having 2 missing lower teeth with lots of bone loss?

Teeth 20 and 19 were pulled in my early 20s (now 37). The Dentist I went to did a ct scan showing there not enough bone to do implants there. Number... READ MORE

I've had a 2 tooth bridge fitted with a pin in the second tooth supporting it over the lost tooth.

After 3 hours, the tooth fell out leaving the post cemented into the tooth. I'm covered for the initial 2 tooth bridge but now faced with a potential... READ MORE

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