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My Upper Porcelain Crown Chipped After Many Yrs of No Problem?

The lower crown is porcelain in the front & metal in the back, whereas my upper chipped porcelain crown is all porcelain .... Could the metal on... READ MORE

Normal for Metal to Show on Cap/crown?

I just had 2 lower molars crowned. On both there is quite a large ugly margin of metal showing on the inside and there is also a fine line of metal... READ MORE

Should the Metal Be Showing Through the Centre of an NHS Crown? Is It Ok That the Crown Does Not Completely Cover the Tooth?

This is the second crown as the first one was sent back as it did not fit. Today it was fitted and was very high so the dentist filed it down. Now... READ MORE

Could Plaque Stagnation Give Metallic Taste?

Told by 2 dentists my gums are in excellent condition. Moved & have new crown (porcelain over metal) put on because the amalgam fillings always... READ MORE

Permanent Dental Crown? (photo)

I just had my permanent crown attached yesterday and today I noticed a little metal showing on the chewing surface, right near the front edge. Due to... READ MORE

Is It Okay for the Metal Part of the Crown to Be Exposed at the Top of the Tooth? (photo)

During the wisdom teeth removal a crown popped off and was reattached. Afterwards, that side felt higher than before; a very uncomfortable bite. They... READ MORE

Front tooth implant, zirconia abutment with e-max crown vs metal abutment with empress crown?

I had tooth 7 implant done and I have to decide which Crown is better for my front tooth. My old dentist suggested zirconia abutment with e-max crown.... READ MORE

PFM Crown Warranty/Guarantee? And Ratio Metal to Porcelain?

Hello Doctors, I have two questions. I need a crown on a molar (that is noticeable when I smile). I would like to go with porcelain fused to high... READ MORE

My tongue is being irritated by my crown?

Dentist message up a crown above and it cause a metal crown below to have a sharp edge, and is ititating m tongue, any answers, I have no money for a... READ MORE

Do Cosmetic Teeth Smell and Taste Like Metal ?

I had the replacement of ( upper whole set )teeth with (metal ) cosmetic 5years ago. Now,I hv very minimal leakage from gums where it is attached and... READ MORE

A few years ago I had a metal crown put on a molar. What can happen to a tooth if the crown remains on but a hole in it remains?

I've had a small hole in a metallic crown on a molar for about a year. The crown replaced a ceramic crown which wore down due to tooth grinding. The... READ MORE

Does a zirconium crown start showing metal on the gum line? (Photo)

I have a bridge of 3 crowns, front teeth. I recently got them replaced ( 2 years ago). I was told the metal wont show on the gum line but after 2... READ MORE

Are there cases where a porcelain fused to metal crown is better for a front tooth than a porcelain crown? (photo)

Several years ago I chipped #10 and had a root canal. The tooth "died" and turned greyish green. A few months ago, I got a porcelain crown. I noticed... READ MORE

My Porcelain/metal Crown Fits Poorly. Can CEREC Replacements Be Done Without Viewing the Original Unprepped Tooth?

This was my first crown, tooth #30. Over correction on the bite resulted in a tooth that cannot grind, causes pain to bite in the crowned and opposing... READ MORE

Is it worth to make porcelain crowns and remove metal crowns on front teeth? (photo)

Hi i have question the dentist told me to think about it but i like to make my teeth looks better and i have metal crowns in front teeth and my option... READ MORE

Why can I see metal from my crowns inside my gums?

My dental crowns to the front have no visible dark lines so I am pleased with that however when using a mirror to check the back of my crowns I can... READ MORE

Porcelain fused to metal crowns. Any suggestions? (photos)

Thank you to the dentists that responded previously. My crowns were done about 30 yrs ago. The posts are metal, gold I believe. I was told that it... READ MORE

Unhappy with Dental Crown; dentist used pressed to metal crown - too large, color does not match. (photo)

I had a cap placed on a front center-bottom tooth yesterday. The dentist used a pressed to metal crown. I assumed that was the best option because he... READ MORE

Changing your mind about your Crown, is this ok? (photos)

I had 2 Crowns, front (dark) and 1 next to it on the side (dark), both with metal inside, side 1 was awful, I went back to see principle dentist as... READ MORE

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