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What Should Be Done If The Temporary Dental Crown Adhesive Fails to Keep The Crown in Place?

If the temporary crown falls out, is it urgent that it get put back in place that day? What precautions should be taken? READ MORE

What Should Be Avoided when a Crown Falls Out?

Are there certain foods and drinks that should be avoided when a crown falls out? Are liquid drinks recommended until an appointment to fix it is... READ MORE

Loose Temporary Crown

My temporary crown is loose. Dentemp from Wallgreens does not help. Composite filling underneath the temporary fell apart - there is not much of a... READ MORE

Teeth Feel a Bit Loose After 6 Crowns to Top Front Teeth, Normal?

I had 6 crowns put on my top teeth, all in the front. I still am nervous to bite into some foods because it feels like my teeth wiggle. I went back to... READ MORE

Can a Crown Become Loose? If So, Would It Need to Be Removed and Re-cemented? Would I Need a Root Canal?

My crown is about a year old. It started becoming sensitive to cold and hot recently. It's more sensitive to cold. In fact, putting a hot towel on my... READ MORE

I Have Problems with Front 2 Veneers Coming off or Loose. Can I Replace Them with Crowns for a Stronger Bite and Stronger Teeth?

I got veneers on my top 6 teeth and i HATE them. The front 2 always feel loose and i feel them pop back and forth, also they have come off before. The... READ MORE

Less Than a Year After my Root Canal my Crown Continues to Come Loose. What Can I Do?

My dentist did a root canal on my front tooth and I had to have it redone by an oral surgeon. My dentist put my crown back on but it eventually came... READ MORE

New Crown Feels Loose, Doctor Says Its Ok. Whenwill It Feel Solid?

New Crown Feels Loose, Doctor Says Its Ok. Whenwill It Feel Solid? READ MORE

My dental implant crown, seated with permanent cement, is coming loose after only 7 months. What might be the problem? (photo)

I have a permanent dental implant (upper right lateral), and after have two instances of my crown coming off with temporary cement, the decision was... READ MORE

Should New Dental Crowns Fall Off?

I had 6 dental crowns placed on my front teeth and they didn't feel it look no where near as good as my temp crowns. Within the first month my crowns... READ MORE

New 6 Front Dental Crowns Starting to Develop Spacing, Slightly Loose, Often Clicking?

I had 6 new crowns on my front teeth 2 mo ago that are now starting to separate in front and slightly uneven. The crowns on one side are now lower... READ MORE

My permanent crown feels loose. It makes it a creaking sound and feels like it's moving. What should I do? (Photo)

I'm 14 years of age and my parents never really encouraged me to brush my teeth when I was younger. I've had a lot of work done and 10 months ago i... READ MORE

Second Round, Loose Crowns; Should I Go With Implants for New Crowns? (photo)

My fiance is having trouble with his front crowns. When he was a teenager he was in a skateboarding accident and chipped his front teeth and needed... READ MORE

Dentist Said Crowns Just FEEL Loose, But Really Aren't?

Thanks to all. Adding to question. 6 new front crowns permanently cemented in 4 wks ago. 1st week, feel loose, all moving to left and dropping, new... READ MORE

Had A Crown and Bridge Fitted 4 Months Ago, and Bridge is Loose, What Can I Do?

I had a crown and Bridge fitted four months ago and my brige is loose. My dentist filed down my teeth saying that it could be my bite , if not my... READ MORE

I Had a Crown on my Two Front Teeth at Age 12, Now 28 Years Later One is Loose. What is the Process?

Can they strenghten the loose tooth? Does it have to be taken out and a new crown fitted? Please prep me for the process because I do not favor going... READ MORE

Was my Dental Crown Attached Incorrectly?

If a dentist puts a crown in crooked, and the black at the top shows, then It comes loose, and now the black on top doesn't show anymore,... READ MORE

Right Lateral Crown Feels Loose from Tooth? (photo)

Right lateral crown feels numb and sensitive for 2 weeks, no blunt trauma to my face,one morning the root up into my jaw was throbbing, pain in jaw... READ MORE

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