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Zirconia Crowns Vs Emax Crowns?

A year ago I placed 9 upper anterior Zirconia crowns. After 3 months, I could see a change, now, they don't look natural at all. I want to replace... READ MORE

How Long Should a Dental Crown (On Implant) Be Guaranteed?

My wife had dental implants with crowns on her eye tooth and cuspid 5 yrs ago. The cuspid crown recently broke off while she was eating toast. She... READ MORE

Porcelain Crown Question

I am getting a porcelain crown on my front tooth (inscisor). How long does a porcelain crown last, on average? Does it last as long as a porcelain... READ MORE

My Dentist Placed a Zirconia Crown over my Zirconium Abutment. Can I Ask for Emax Crown Instead?

My dentist recommended zirconia crown for my implant #5 (w/ zirconium abutment for tooth #5) b/c the margin is so small. I requested Emax crown for... READ MORE

Why my Bridge Lasted Less Than One Year, Usually How Long a Bridge Last? I Floss my Teeth 3 Times a Day? (photo)

My dentist made a 3 unit fixed bridge for me(tooth #3, 4,5) She cut the old bridge open and found deep decay. After cleaning, more than half of the... READ MORE

How long do dental build ups last?

I recently went to the doctor and they suggested a crown at some point but said it was not necessary now. I am electing not to get it right now, due... READ MORE

How Long Can One Expect a Crown to Last?

I have 4 crowns; my first NHS crown dates back to 1986. I was thinking of replacing it but when xray'd last week the image was healthy. Please can you... READ MORE

Should I put new crowns or implants?

I have been wearing crowns for almost 20 years on teeth # 7-10. My prosthdontist wants to replace my existing crowns with new ones, but my real tooth... READ MORE

Crowns or bonding? (photos)

I completed my ortho to correct genetic lack of lateral incisors. Though ortho corrected spaces, it created new issues: midline isn't centered anymore... READ MORE

Should I go for crowns or not? 25 years old. (photo)

Im 25 years ols, I have Gap in my frontal teeth of around 3 mms, the dentists ive visited said this is a classic braces case; but I am absolutely... READ MORE

Should I have to pay for my dental crowns fixed?

I got 6 crowns 8 months ago . 2 back ones came off three feel like there not sealed properly and they feel like there slipping . I feel that you pay... READ MORE

Large Amalgam Filling - Does it need a crown and best option for material? (photo)

My dentist wants to do a crown on an upper back molar. The opposing tooth is a PFM. I have one other crown that is a bruxir that's fell off once but... READ MORE

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