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Do I Really Need the Crown Lengthening?

I recently had root canal done on tooth #19 ( it was a broken tooth ) , after which I returned to my dentist to start the crown procedure, I am now... READ MORE

Two Months After Crown Lengthening--uneven Gum Line? (photo)

Hi, My 2 front teeth are dead, and I've had veneers for 12 years. One of them came off and could not be put back on. My new dentist thought that we... READ MORE

Have You Ever Heard of a Crown Lenghting?

I have been told that I need a crown on my 14th tooth ($985.00) and that I also will need a Crown Lenghting ($593.00) I have never heard of a crown... READ MORE

Can Any Cosmetic Dentists/related Estimate (Possible Crown Lengthening)? (photo)

I met a cosmetic dentist back in April of last year, and he assured me that my gumline was reducible but added that my mouth needed treatment and... READ MORE

How long after crown lengthening procedure can a crown be put in?

After a crown lengthening procedure, the provisional crown doesn't fit at all, and it doesn't hold there. Considering a healing period is needed after... READ MORE

Is it ever too late to have crown lengthening done? (photo)

I was originally advised to have the procedure done over a year ago, and a piece of either cement or tooth worked its way outside the temporary crown... READ MORE

Laser crown lengthening vs. conventional? (Non-cosmetic)

Recently, I had crown lengthening using conventional means (requiring sutures and packing), done by a periodontist. I'm healing well, but it was a... READ MORE

Gum grew back more than before post Cosmetic Crown lengthening? (photo)

I had cosmetic crown lengthening done on my front two teeth 5 days ago and have noticed my gums are healing with a thicker papilla (middle of my two... READ MORE

Is it normal for gums to grow back as they were before a crown lengthening? (photo)

I had a crown lengthening procedure done to reduce my gummy smile. Right after the procedure, I loved the results. Then things became puffy. I thought... READ MORE

Crown lengthening, Should I do it? (photos)

I have four veneer composites for my front teeth for years (I used to have some gaps between my front teeth) now my dentist has offered me to do the... READ MORE

Ongoing pain after Crown Lengthening and placement of 2 permanent crowns, (2 side by side molars bottom left). Advice?

In October 2013 I had a crown lengthening on 2 molars. After the CL the pain was bad, very bad, 1 month later I got the permanents and the pain has... READ MORE

Is laser or conventional crown lengthening better? And why?

Hi Doctor, I had an old root canal infected and recently had 90% of the bacteria removed. The remaining 10% will be removed next week. I was told I... READ MORE

Will my teeth look like they did the day I had cosmetic crown lengthening? (Photo)

I had cosmetic crown lengthening done a few days ago. I was thrilled with the results. However once swelling set it, it looks like I have had nothing... READ MORE

Replacement of crowns to enable crown lengthening?

All my back 12 -crowned to enable lengthening to make previous mistakes better. All my back molars were crowned and comfortable but I was losing the... READ MORE

Tooth/gum pain after new 3/4 crown, no improvement after root canal (Photo)

Hi, I had a 3/4 cerec crown placed a year ago. After it I got pain on one side of the tooth, sugar sensitivity and throbbing/burning pain. No cold,... READ MORE

Do I need a lengthening ? Thanks!

Hi, I have root canal on my last tooth upper left. Part of it is broken. My first dentist wanted a crown on it but asked me to have a lengthening. My... READ MORE

Should I see a periodontist to see if I'm a candidate for a crown lengthening procedure? (Photo)

I'm 35 and finally able to get my teeth fixed (grew up poor). I had 2 root canals done 12 yrs ago, but was never able to get crowns. Long story short,... READ MORE

Is it necessary to increase length prior to getting full upper zirconia crowns?

The dentist wants to add length to all my upper teeth, since they are so short now, so that it wouldn't be a shock to my bite when I get the... READ MORE

I had crown lengthening to prepare for crowns and I have a hole above the tooth now. (Photo)

1 week after laser crown lengthening and I have a hole that shows bone right above front tooth. Dentist says it will fill back in while healing.... READ MORE

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