Inflammation + Dental Crown

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A temp crown caused problems eating, inflamed gums and bleeding. What should I do? (photo)

I feel like this is like new shoes that don't fit; your feet tell you by reacting with blisters. My mouth has reacted with inflammation, bleeding,... READ MORE

Overcontoured crowns. What is the best way to fix the problem? Polishing the crowns?

I've been having inflamed gums above my permanently cemented anterior crowns (zirconia core & porcelain layers) for months. I've been told by several... READ MORE

Are dental crowns supposed to look and feel bulky? (Photo)

I had a root canal done recently and got a crown. It's my first crown and I'm not sure if they're supposed to look this way. I feel like the crown... READ MORE

I removed my daughters crown and there is a piece of her gum that is very inflamed and bleeding. What should I do? (photo)

My daughter (who is 10 now) had a few crowns on her teeth which fell off on there own when her adult teeth grew in. Today I removed her last crown... READ MORE

Front teeth crown replacement. Got inflammation with temps: shall I postpone permanent crown placement till gum heals?

Front teeth ( #8 and #9) having crown replacement, but got inflammation with temporary on while waiting for crown to be done, I am asking following:... READ MORE

Do I possibly need to replace my dental crown?

I am having severe discomfort where my two dental crowns are located(back upper left side of the mouth) I have had them between 8-10 years. When i... READ MORE

Pain after root canal.

I had a root canal on a tooth (lower left molar tooth right next to the wisdom tooth) which had a huge cavity. It's been over 4 months and I still do... READ MORE

I'm an RDH. I Have lava crown #30. 2 wks ago bit down on kernel. Immed pain, later developed sens to H/C , ging tissue inflamed

2 wks later: Can't chew, have dull ache sensitive to H/C. might have re aggravated the ligament...had a PA today but no one has looked at it. No obv... READ MORE

Can exercise create inflammation after crown placement causing the need for a root canal?

Teeth #7 & 10 have had implants and crowns for 7 years that did not match my surrounding teeth. My dentist suggested crown placement on the top 8 to... READ MORE

Crown fell off, now I have severe pain and inflamed gum.

Hi i root canaled my molar tooth around 3 years ago, and i have not had problem with that. around 3 months ago, i put a permanent crown, and it was... READ MORE

Year long pain in gums after root canal, is there a reason the gums hurt so much?

I had a root canal done last summer and I don't think that my gums healed correctly because they have been constantly in pain since the procedure and... READ MORE

Does lasering gums, cause them to recede, show roots/nerves.thus pain? (photo)

Had bad crowns removed that were giving me gingivitis, prothodontist, asked to laser my gums (#6 7 8 teeth) temps on, 2 wks later, bleeding,... READ MORE

Why do the gums around my crown still look inflamed and bleed?

I got this crown 8 months ago, and since then, the gums around it have been a little inflamed, and bleed now and then. The crown is also painful to... READ MORE

I had a dental bridge for four years and I recently noticed that the gums are inflamed. Is this normal?

I had a dental bridge for four years and I recently noticed that the gums are inflamed around the abutment teeth. I saw a dentist who said it was a... READ MORE

Had infection under crown; went to dentist, she cleaned it. It's been 5 days but still when I floss it bleeds. Why?

I have no major pain just slight inflammation when i floss between the crown it bleeds.i am avoiding to eat from that it something serious or... READ MORE

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