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Could Ill-fitting Crown Be the Source of Severe Jaw/ear Pain?

I cracked my lower left second molar, had to have a crown put on. It was sitting too high. Took a couple months to get back in for adjustment. I am... READ MORE

Bad Temporary Crown?

One tooth crowned as the tooth was broken, temp crown procedure completed. Exp'd pain upon biting, on liquid diet for a wk & it remains pain upon... READ MORE

Ill-fitting Bridge Caused My TMJ?

I have been suffering from pain in my ear, eyes etc... i went to docs who referred me to an e.n.t specialist. The said i have tmj, so i had my teth... READ MORE

A New Dental Crown Doesn't Fit Properly and Was Not Placed. Should a New Impression Be Taken?

The lab adjust the original crown for a proper fit and will it be long-term? READ MORE

Is this proper procedure to grind down parts of the crown & remove some tooth material to fit a crown?

When dry fitting a new gold crown it was too tight to the adjacent teeth & was sitting too high. After grinding the crown & my teeth didn't fix the... READ MORE

What to Do About a Poorly Fitted Crown?

I had a small crown placed about 3 yrs ago on top right and to this day it bleeds when brushed or flossed....been to 5 dentists n lots of x-rays since... READ MORE

Is This a Proper Fit? Or Should the Crown Be Far Enough Down That Flossing Doesn't Pick Up on the Crown's Edge?

When flossing my crown, there is a slight catch. In other words, floss when coming upward, catches slightly on the metal edge of the cap where it sits... READ MORE

One of my new dental crowns feels wobbly. How is the correct fit of a dental crown determined?

I just had several permanent crowns cemented in. Today I notice that one of the crowns feels like it’s slightly wobbly if I wiggle it from side to s... READ MORE

Should my Dentist Blame Me for an Ill Fitting Crown? (photo)

Hi, I asked my dentist for a refund because I did not feel comfortable going back to him because he fit a crown that he claimed was improperly made... READ MORE

I Just Had the Permanent Crowns Fitted for my Front Two Teeth. The Right Front Tooth Looks Slightly Larger and Not As Straight?

My original right front tooth pushes out slightly and the smaller tooth next to it pushes back slightly as well. I was told if I go private the... READ MORE

How to proved a badly placed ill fitted crown caused my root fracture?

How to prove that a crown was ill fitted and caused all these problems mentioned above?? now i have gone to a periodontist and he says i need an... READ MORE

Has my crown been fitted correctly? (photo)

I had a crown fitted on my implant yesterday. I'm worried that the angle of the crown is wrong that it might have been put on too close to the tooth... READ MORE

My Porcelain/metal Crown Fits Poorly. Can CEREC Replacements Be Done Without Viewing the Original Unprepped Tooth?

This was my first crown, tooth #30. Over correction on the bite resulted in a tooth that cannot grind, causes pain to bite in the crowned and opposing... READ MORE

Bridge Doesn't Fit Anymore After Extraction?

I have had a bridge for 2 1/2 years to replace 3 front teeth. I had a wisdom tooth removed on the upper left and now it seems that my bridge does not... READ MORE

Shouldn't dentists chose veneers that fit appropriately in your mouth? Are crowns the best fix to veneers?

About four and a half years ago I had eight veneers put on my front teeth; in that period two have come off, one front tooth cracked, and I was just... READ MORE

The crown made is not covering 1mm of tooth. Not cemented yet. What should be done?

A crown is not covering 1mm of my natural tooth. On front portion of the tooth doctor wants to add more porcelain over the bottom edge of the crown to... READ MORE

Crown Fitting Problems?

An old crown replaced on advice of my previous dentist. New dentist says crown does not fit good and wants to replace it again (crown #3). He says... READ MORE

What is a good fit dental bridge?

I felt my dental bridge had a good fit on my teeth, and my dentist was telling me it was good, but turned out it was shy on the bottom. Another bridge... READ MORE

Tooth/ligament pain after root canal and crown. Pain did not occur until permanent crown installed six weeks after root canal.

Had a root canal performed on a recently crowned tooth due to pain. The root canal was a success as pain subsided. I had temp filling in crown for 3... READ MORE

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