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Do All Teeth Whiteners Work on Crowns or Colored Fillings?

Have stained crowns and fillings...need to whiten teeth! READ MORE

Crown on Front Teeth Instead of Fillings?

I have several small cavities on four of my front teeth. They are pretty small and my dentist was just watching them until this year but now they... READ MORE

Temporary Filling of Root Canal Came Out. in Pain What to Do?

Had root can al done 2 years ago. Couldnt afford crown at time bc of no insurance.Temporary filling came out 7 months of tooth broke off to... READ MORE

My Tooth Hurts While Eating After a Normal Filling?

It doesn't always hurt, it's good till i eat a really hard meal like steak and once it starts to hurt it take few days hurts with any simple soft food... READ MORE

Do I need Root Canal after Cavity filling?

I just recently for cavity filling done. My dentist initially said I may need root canal, but she did cavity filling instead. Last week when I went to... READ MORE

When Does a Tooth Need a Crown?

My dentist wants to crown my teeth and my insurance company 's review board says it should be refilled. Both my teeth have had large old fillings and... READ MORE

Can a Filling on the Front of the Incisors Be Refilled if It Becomes Stained?

My front incisor is discolored and can't be veneered or whitened. My dentist said I could either fill it or put a crown on it. Im not keen on the... READ MORE

Why do I have severe tooth pain 5 weeks after filling?

I was told I had a large cavity in my back top right tooth and had filling done 9/28. 2 weeks after, I had severe pain. I was told I need a crown on a... READ MORE

How long can a open tooth (root canaled) stay without a crown?

My crown on 3 adjacent back molar teeth fell off (it was around 6 months old). Root canal was done on all the three teeth. They are now open (without... READ MORE

What would happen if I don't get a crown on my root canal after 6-8 weeks?

It's been at least 7 weeks since I've gotten my root canal temporary filling. I have to get my crown on next. During the 6-8 weeks, I had to make an... READ MORE

Is a porcelain inlay/onlay or resin filling better for a cracked molar?

I have a cracked (not big) molar tooth. Doctor offered a crown or "to try" resin filling, but warned that tooth may crack more. I read that porcelain... READ MORE

Top lip swollen after teeth cleaning and fillings with no injections. Is this normal? (Photo)

Hi. i was having with my crowns. They were hurting. The doctor saw in the xray that my crowns need to be replaced because it has an infection but... READ MORE

Tooth sensitive to bite 3 weeks after filling. Getting worse. What next? Crown? Root canal? New dentist?

I had large filling done over 3 weeks ago. Tooth is still sensative to chew and flossing is painful (gums ok). Dentist checked bite - it's fine.... READ MORE

What is happening? I am tired of going back and still having pain. Should I see another dentist?

I had a root canal done on my bottom left molar. I was then prepped for crown which left me in discomfort for 2 weeks because of the amount of cement... READ MORE

I want to take off crown, veneers. Can my teeth be restored with filling so I don't have to wear crowns, veneers any more.

My dentist placed 8 crowns, 2 veneers on my teeth. He cut my 4 upper front teeth to the gum line (without warning me!) and placed posts and... READ MORE

Fill Tooth or Crown It?

I have a tooth (fifth from front on top. It has a large filling and a small spot of decay by the gum line. The tooth "zings" me if i eat something... READ MORE

Cracked and decaying tooth: Can anything be used except a crown, to seal the crack? Is filling/bonding a good idea? (photo)

I was told that I have a crack and decay. It does not hurt and not sensitive. Dentist offered ONLY crown to prevent tooth from splitting more. As I... READ MORE

Lost my Temporary Filling in Front Tooth?

I am getting a permanent crown on one of top front teeth on Mon or Tues. Last night, lost my temp crown. Now, I look like a hillbilly because it's one... READ MORE

Can a Tooth Still Cause a Throbbing Dull Pain After a Crown and Root Canal Which Also is Causing Difficulty Swallowing?

In March 2013 I had a large filling replaced with a crown. By September 2013 I have had a root canal in the same tooth, additional filling added to... READ MORE

Cavitron Use on Porcelain Restorations and Composite Fillings?

I have porcelain crowns, veneers and a couple of composite fillings. When I have my teeth cleaned, is a cavitron safe to use on posterior/anterior... READ MORE

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