Falling Out + Dental Crown

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My crowned tooth fell out of my mouth with the post attached. Do I need to have the tooth root removed?

No pain, no blood, and no infection. Do I need to have the tooth root removed, or can the crown and post be re cemented? READ MORE

My permanent crown (molar) keeps coming off-twice in the last 6-7 months. What are some of the cause for the crown to fall off?

The new crown made after the original one broke. The replacement crown was too big for the space so it had to be adjusted. It never felt loose but it... READ MORE

Temporary Filling of Root Canal Came Out. in Pain What to Do?

Had root can al done 2 years ago. Couldnt afford crown at time bc of no insurance.Temporary filling came out 7 months ago..rest of tooth broke off to... READ MORE

My Crown with Post Fell out - Bleeding out of Root, is the Tooth Fractured?

Now all I have left is a round hole which I'm guessing is my tooth? There is slight bleeding and the tooth had a RT about 6 years ago. READ MORE

My Permanent Crown Fell off and I Can't See the Dentist 4 Days. What Should I Do?

My permanent crown fell off last night. I have an appointment with my dentist in 4 days and I already called and they told me they wouldn't be able to... READ MORE

Missing Temp for 2 Days, New Temps Keep Falling off?

I was in a temporary for two months. It fell off and I swallowed it. My dentist was on vacation and knew this but he was ok with me being without a... READ MORE

Dentist Said Crowns Just FEEL Loose, But Really Aren't?

Thanks to all. Adding to question. 6 new front crowns permanently cemented in 4 wks ago. 1st week, feel loose, all moving to left and dropping, new... READ MORE

I removed my daughters crown and there is a piece of her gum that is very inflamed and bleeding. What should I do? (photo)

My daughter (who is 10 now) had a few crowns on her teeth which fell off on there own when her adult teeth grew in. Today I removed her last crown... READ MORE

Crown keeps coming off. Tired of going to the dentist so often, having x-rays, molds, .. etc! What are my options?

I had a root canal done to the back molar on bottom right side and what's left of it is very small. The doctor indicated a crown for that tooth which... READ MORE

My crown fell off. What is the worst case scenario that is happening?

My crown fell off, the tooth underneath is very discolored, the gum around it looks like it's infected. It almost looks like it has split ope. What is... READ MORE

What are my options after two crowns fell out and the tooth is fractured to the gum line?

Two fell out the tooth is factured to gum line I'm prepared to have a bridge fitted as cheaply as possible so I can smile and get back to the way I... READ MORE

Is It Okay for the Metal Part of the Crown to Be Exposed at the Top of the Tooth? (photo)

During the wisdom teeth removal a crown popped off and was reattached. Afterwards, that side felt higher than before; a very uncomfortable bite. They... READ MORE

my crown and post fell out after 10 years

My crown and post fell out after 10 years. the dentist said all looked well and cemented it back in, now a week later im getting allot of pain in that... READ MORE

Is my dental crown secure?

When I was 37 weeks pregnant my front crown fell out whilst eating this was a root canal tooth, I went to the dentist and he put a post on it and re... READ MORE

Pregnant and crown fell out. Emergency?

Hi, I'm 36 weeks pregnant and tonight my permanent crown and tooth have come out. Should I be worried until I can see the Dr in 2 days? READ MORE

I have had a temporary crown for a while and my tooth fell out. What should I do? (Photo)

I have had a temporary crown for a while because my insurance wouldnt cover it and its been years and my tooth fell out right now. It doesnt hurt but... READ MORE

Is my dental crown now secure?

My front crown fell out whilst eating when I was 37 weeks pregnant I went to the dentist who put a post on the tooth and re cemented the crown back in... READ MORE

My permanent crown fell out. What options i.e. temporary adhesives are recommended until Dentist can recement it?

My permanent crown fell out of place. Until the Dr. can recement it permanently what options do I have to insure it stays in place? Any temporary... READ MORE

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