Erosion + Dental Crown

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Do I Need Crowns on my Top Front Teeth? (photo)

Ive been good with brushing my teeth, however whenever i graduated im 19 now i got a little lazy and wasnt brushing my teeth i did drink lots of soda... READ MORE

I have severe erosion of top front teeth without decay or infection. Are root canals necessary before crown placement?

My top center teeth do not have enamel (consequence of chronic anorexia), and their edges are transparent. Two dentists said I need root canals before... READ MORE

Can crowns help with enamel erosion and cavities?

I have problems with enamel erosion and cavities due to GERD, I've tried all kinds of paste/gels from the dentist and nothing worked. I had braces at... READ MORE

My current dentist says I have acid erosion and I grind my teeth. Do you think I can get dental crowns? (Photo)

The acid I son the back of my teeth they want to pull my teeth and give me dentures I don't want that READ MORE

Should I get fillings or crowns because of where the erosion is? (Photo)

I think that my mouth guard is causing my gums to recede on my front teeth. Though not sure. Should I try fillings or crowns? My front teeth are also... READ MORE

Crowing a molar when opposing tooth has worn enamel? (Photo)

Hi, I have a molar (#14) that may need a crown as its filling is deep, but the opposing tooth's enamel is quite worn out due to grinding. I am afraid... READ MORE

Is there any treatment to help the backs of my teeth due to erosion, front teeth specifically speaking?

Just returned from my dentist. I have a phobia - avoided dental work for years. I have recently had several back teeth extracted and now have... READ MORE

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