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Low Enamel Due to Acid Reflux - Crowns Needed?

Thank you in advance for your help! Reflux has stripped most of the enamel from my front top 4-6 teeth. These teeth are now smaller in length, thinner... READ MORE

Save Tooth Enamel with Onlay Instead of Crown. Why Weaker Than Full Crown? SAME Core Build-up As for a Crown? (photo)

After RCT I want to save front enamel. I don't care about back appearance. Using same core build-up as for a crown, NOT bonding. Why a top onlay... READ MORE

1.5 yr old ceramic crown is now sensitive to heat & cold, no evidence of infection. Cosmetic Dentist or Endodontist?

(bottom molar) I started having sensitivity (heat/cold/some pain when biting). I immediately made appt w/ my dentist, had x- rays done w/ no sign... READ MORE

Can crowns help with enamel erosion and cavities?

I have problems with enamel erosion and cavities due to GERD, I've tried all kinds of paste/gels from the dentist and nothing worked. I had braces at... READ MORE

Am I eligible for crowns/ veneers?

My adult teeth have very little enamel, making my teeth appear yellowish and stained. My teeth are sensitive and I've tried just about everything to... READ MORE

Is having 14 dental crowns replaced at once "too much" to do in one day?

All of my teeth are crowned from a previous dentist due to decay and weakened enamel, less than 10 years later (and less time on some of the crowns) I... READ MORE

Do porcelain crowns adhere to dentin?

This question refers to central upper incisors (the 2 front upper teeth). The reason I ask is because part of my teeth (lingual side) is nothing but... READ MORE

Reccomendation for enamel repair? (Photo)

Can minor filling help in the picture? There is no pain at all and the only problem it looks bad. Dentist says go for crown but i dont want it at this... READ MORE

How does zirconia compare to enameled?

In terms of shear strength, compression strength, tensile strength and flexural strength READ MORE

I had white filling done on the top of my two front teeth for enamel loss. Is it inevitably that I will need a crown?

How long will theses small fillings last? And a is it inevitabl that eventually I will need a crown? READ MORE

Repairing a crown with missing enamel: Possible just to repair the enamel instead of replacing the crown?

I have a 45 year old crown on an upper tooth. I think it is #28 on a dental chart. It has recently lost a piece of the enamel that is visible from the... READ MORE

Crowing a molar when opposing tooth has worn enamel? (Photo)

Hi, I have a molar (#14) that may need a crown as its filling is deep, but the opposing tooth's enamel is quite worn out due to grinding. I am afraid... READ MORE

I have awful sensitivity due to the lack of enamel on my teeth because of an eating disorder when I was younger. It's pretty bad

I am not trying to achieve a huge beautiful white smile since I am unable to at this point. However, it would be helpful and nicer looking if they... READ MORE

If a crown isn't covered with porcelain and silver showing is it more sanative?

New crown, filled down to fit properly but now tooth has silver showing on bottom where enamel is gone READ MORE

Tooth implant adjacent to a molar?

I am having a tooth implant next to a molar. The dentist said that it is required to grind slightly the side of the molar so that there will not be... READ MORE

3 teeth that might need extracted: trying to see how I would fix them if that is the case.

I'm a 22 year old student. So around a year ago I had 3 root canals. There was an issue with the dental surgeon's receptionist contacting my insurance... READ MORE

When constructing crowns are there different types of translucent enamel that are used by the dental lab? (photo)

Are some trans enamel that is more grey than others? And can some "body" be added to trans enamel to make it not so grey? and is it the darkness of... READ MORE

Could you get crowns put in for teeth that are yellow, have low enamel and a gap? Would Staywell cover this?

Would stay-well/medicare cover this procedure of crowns or something to help the teeth? This is for a child (13 years of age) She has a gap and thin... READ MORE

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