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Zirconia Crowns Vs Emax Crowns?

A year ago I placed 9 upper anterior Zirconia crowns. After 3 months, I could see a change, now, they don't look natural at all. I want to replace... READ MORE

Bad Smells in Crowns when I Press with my Tongue Bite or Suck my Saliva on my Teeth?

I change my old metal crown with a emax, since them i have problems with odor and flavor as each time I pressed or bite a liquid and tastes came and... READ MORE

E.Max Vs Empress Crowns For Most Natural Looking?

I need to get crowns on my front teeth. Different dentist use different types of crowns and have their own opinion on it. Which is most natural... READ MORE

What is the difference between EMAX, Zirconium, and Procera?

Hi, I have had a couple of different quotes to have crowns put on for cosmetic dentistry 12 (6 upper and 6 lower). Both quotes are about the same... READ MORE

Is it normal to feel pain when touch after crown replacement ? (photo)

Second week after front tooth emax crown re-placement, left tooth feels constantly very sensitive pain when pressed or touched bottom upwards , shall... READ MORE

Which Ceramic Tooth is Best: Zirconia, IPS Empress or E-max?

I have to get 3 ceramic teeth. pls suggest which is the best among Emax, IPS empress or zirconia. My dentist suggested these. I am 22 Years Old READ MORE

Is an Emax crown on tooth 7 worth the additional $250 compared to a metal one covered in porcelain?

I have a veneer (20 years old) that chipped on tooth 7. My new dentist recommended a crown. He also recommended a material my insurance will not cover... READ MORE

Is a Chipped eMax Crown Still Strong? (photo)

Hello, I recently had an emax crown placed on one of my lateral incisors, and have recently chipped the bottom of it. The chip is very small, but I... READ MORE

Was told my eMax crowns (6 front teeth) would look VERY different than temporary crowns - my temporary crowns look BAD! (Photos)

Getting six front crowns but I'm very scared because I do not like my temporary crowns. Dr said that my permanent crowns WILL look very different than... READ MORE

Are e.Max all porcelain crowns or Lava crowns better for front teeth? (Photo)

My dentist originally recommended Lava crowns for two teeth (Upper 9 & 10) that have previously had root canals. Tooth 9 is beginning to darken. I now... READ MORE

Remove existing zirconia crown with EMAX crown (photo)

A month & a half ago, I had my front tooth capped with a zirconia crown. I am not very happy with the colour of my zirconia tooth. In natural light it... READ MORE

Black Triangles between new crowns - wait and see or replace crowns? (photos)

I recently had 4 new crowns places in my front teeth. They are emax crowns. They replaced old crowns that I had for 10 years. I have black triangles... READ MORE

Emax paid by Insurance vs Porcelain fused to high noble metal recommended by dentist. Cost vs benefit or a scam?

My front #9 tooth needs a crown. I need to come up with $700 (which I cant do right now) for patient portion on my new crown. My "Proposed Treatment... READ MORE

The most natural looking crown?

My four front teeth are crowns from long time ago and I have replaced one using Emax and now I want to replace tthree others, I saw Dr and he believes... READ MORE

Feldspathic or emax for one central incisor? How brittle is the Feldspathic? Are we only talking about larger fractures? (Photo)

I was recently in an accident and I had to place a crown on one of the central incisors. We first tried a zirconia based Restoration but it was too... READ MORE

I just had 6 Emax crowns put on. They cemented them in with dark Grey cement. Is that right to use grey cement? (photo)

Emax crowns cemented in with dark grey colored cement.no blue light. Is this esthetically right? Will they look like they have a grey tint? I thought... READ MORE

Can I change my emax crowns with new ones? (Photo)

Hi, I've recently had 2 emax crowns on my two front teeth due to chips/discoloration/crook. However, I'm not very happy with them, I feel like they do... READ MORE

Will my gum settle down around my new eMax crowns? (Photos)

2 weeks ago I replaced my six porcelain crowns with emax crowns and now I have gaps between the gum pockets and crowns and when I talk I can feel the... READ MORE

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