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Help me get my smile back. What are my options?

My teeth have changed after I became a mother. I am doing my whole mouth eventually but starting with top because that needs it the most. I already... READ MORE

Can You Go from Permanent Dentures, to the Real Looking Crowns?

Thinking i was getting implants turns out it is a Denture nothing but problem with it braking i had a set of removeable dentures clipped to my... READ MORE

If you were being treated for dentures, why would the dentist do bone grafting on the teeth being pulled?

What are the reasons for doing bone grafting on pulled teeth that are not going to be replaced, such as with dentures or a pontic within a bridge? READ MORE

Do I need my capped teeth removing and replaced with dentures?

I am over 70. My upper teeth were capped almost 20 years ago and still look beautiful. However, my gums have receded badly, exposing the tops of... READ MORE

Partial Two Crown Denture?

I want to know if my left upper front tooth can be prepped as if it is going to be used as an abutment for a dental bridge but be used first to attach... READ MORE

New crown with existing removable clasp partial denture. Just got permanent crown on tooth #18 for the first time on this tooth.

I have an existing partial denture sitting next to the original tooth18. I overheard the dentist telling her assistant and the x-ray tech that the... READ MORE

Gum recession and implants/crowns. Any suggestions?

If there is gum recession on front side & back side of tooth, which then later decays and needs implant/crown, can implant/crown be used or does... READ MORE

I have loose 5 crowns on my upper jaw due to fall, gum disease and probably bone loose. What to do first?

Loose crowns, bone lost and gum disease. Do I have a chance to do mini implants and have a bridge or wait. I am candidate for removable denture? READ MORE

What is the best procedure to have done on my lower crowned set of teeth now that my crowned upper set of teeth were replaced?

My gums were infected ( gingivitis) making my dentist decide to have all my upper remaining teeth extracted to avoid further damage to my health . My... READ MORE

Is my denture to big in front? Got a new upper one 3 days ago. (Photos)

I got a new upper denture on 8.3.17. So far so good, except i believe the front of my denture goes up to high and might be cutting the circulation of... READ MORE

What will be the possible solution to my teeth? (photos)

I had a denture in front due to my (sungki) or out align tooth. But now i dont want denture, what will be the alternative solution with my teeth..... READ MORE

I fell about a year ago and smashed my two front teeth and had 2 crowns which cost me £1100 but now 1 have come loose. Advice?

It's broken inside but she wants to charge me again full or put 1denture on nhs I wounded if am covered because it's been less than year READ MORE

Where can I get dentures in Maryland? I have Medicare and Medicaid.

I am 73 years old I only have two bottom teeth and they need to be pulled. And a top denture that I have had for 30+ years. It is partially broken and... READ MORE

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