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How Can Decay Be Prevented Under a Crown?

What are dentists' most common treatment options for removing tooth decay under dental crowns? What procedures are the most involved? What do they... READ MORE

When is a Post Crown Needed over a Traditional Crown?

How often are traditional crowns replaced with a post crown? Are dental implants a recommended alternative at that point? READ MORE

Why Do Crowns Break?

How soon should a crown be repaired before other factors, like decay or further things become an issue? READ MORE

What Causes the Whole Tooth to Turn Black Under a Temporary Crown?

I had a back tooth that was chipped and the filling was old so the Dr. recommended a crown. After all the prep work, a temp crown was put on and i... READ MORE

Smelly Odor from Gum Not Going Away After New Crown ?

I had a root canal & crown put in 2000. In jan 2011 I began having issues with that front upper tooth, an Odor was coming from it and a metal... READ MORE

Tooth has gone completely black under crown, after root canal a few years ago. Is this normal?

I had a root canal a few years ago and the crown never felt like it fitted properly. I went to have it removed and replaced last year, and the dentist... READ MORE

Should I Remove my Wisdom Teeth if my Molars Next to It is Decaying?

My dentist say I should remove wisdom teeth since they are impacting horizontally. He also suggest to get a crown on my molar next to wisdom tooth... READ MORE

Why Would my 100% Ceramic Crown Have Discolouration at the Base at the Gum Line? Do I Have Decay?

Why would my 100% ceramic crown have discolouration at the base at the gum line? I'm really worried that i have decay? READ MORE

Highly Decayed Canine Now With Temporary Crown is Throbbing? (photo)

I recently got a crown on a very decayed and Dentin exposed canine. It had been exposed and in bad shape for well over a year now. Just a few hours... READ MORE

Can You Have Your Tooth Built Up with a Post and Core if You Dont Need a Root Canal ?

Can a dentist rebuild a tooth that is badly decayed and place a crown if the patient may not need a root canal ? Thanks so much for your time and... READ MORE

Fill Tooth or Crown It?

I have a tooth (fifth from front on top. It has a large filling and a small spot of decay by the gum line. The tooth "zings" me if i eat something... READ MORE

Cracked and decaying tooth: Can anything be used except a crown, to seal the crack? Is filling/bonding a good idea? (photo)

I was told that I have a crack and decay. It does not hurt and not sensitive. Dentist offered ONLY crown to prevent tooth from splitting more. As I... READ MORE

How long does it take for a back molar incision to close up and heal without stitches?

I had a back molar extracted because it was a tooth had decayed under a crown I had for 26 years. The oral surgeon removed it in pieces 2 weeks ago.... READ MORE

Can an uncleaned tooth begin to decay under a sealed crown?

My crown fall and the doctor recemented it without cleaning the tooth (a bad smell came from it) my qustion is could the uncleand tooth could get... READ MORE

Should I be biting on my Crown?

Last year I went in after a had a tooth crack then dentist found alot of decay but he didn't think it was down to the root so he did a clean up and a... READ MORE

Crown, Veneer, Onlay, Inlay, or Combination - for Hollowed out Vertical Decayed Half Premolar? (photo)

Save or Chop off Top of Tooth? I've read 1mm is minimum width of porcelain. My tooth appears hollowed out. Better to chop off top of tooth for crown... READ MORE

Could it be possible for a temporary cap to decay from the inside out?

Years ago while at the dentist getting a tooth pulled I told him my cap was loose and I would get a foul taste from it. Its painful and swollen. My... READ MORE

I have fillings in both front teeth, 1 is long gone, the decay is quite obviously continuing unimpeded. Do I need crowns? photo

I have had fillings in both front teeth, however one is long gone and the decay is quite obviously continuing unimpeded. The fillings seemed... READ MORE

My Husbands Last Tooth is Very Decayed from Not Removing His Decayed Wisdom Teeth, Remove Tooth Or Crown?

Now that the wisdom teeth are gone and the next tooth has formed a cavity on the side of the tooth. The dentist filled it but the filling came off... READ MORE

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