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Post Lava Crown: Black Line Still Present?

I got three old PMF crowns (molars) replaced with three Lava crowns just recently. I am wondering why there is still some kind of darkness in between... READ MORE

Why is my gum line dark, even though I have a zirconium crown?

I have a zirconium porcelain crown on one of my front teeth. It's newly placed, only a few days. The area where the crown meets the gum is dark. The... READ MORE

Why is the gum line puffiness above my crown not going down, and why is the gum above my crown so dark? (photos)

Why is my whole gum above crown (not just dark line) darker? Is there a solution to this? I (shamefully) can't even remember if there was a root canal... READ MORE

Are my 3 front teeth crowns made of Zircornia esthetically acceptable? They look dark. Should I ask dentist to redo? (Photo)

It is hard to describe my feelings now. I feel my three (3) front teeth made of full Zirconia look really dark, and not translucent. It looks fine at... READ MORE

Can a previously root canalled tooth be fitted with a fiber post to mask a dark root that shows through a crown? (Photo)

My crown is very opaque to hide my dark tooth root and I want to have it redone. It does seem to be translucent like my natural teeth and appears as a... READ MORE

I've recently had my crown replaced & I'm disappointed of the darkness of my tooth. What treatment would you recommend? (photo)

I've recently had my crown replaced and I'm disappointed that the darkness of my tooth (stub) underneath is still visible. Is there anything I can do... READ MORE

Can porcelains crowns be lightened in color by lab?

Lab tech told me at color match that once he makes the crowns and they are done, he can make darker but not lighten. Well I got the crowns and they... READ MORE

Dark implant crown. Is there anything that can be done to make it not so dark?

I just got a porcelain crown on an implant. It is dark, like silver color. The dentist told me that the reason is the color of the nail that is dark.... READ MORE

Is my crown pain something to worry about? (photo)

I received a crown on my left, first molar a little over a year ago. Generally, it has a chronic pain scale of 2 to 3. However, about 25% of the time... READ MORE

What can be done about poorly made dental crown?

Do dentists have responsibility to redo poorly made crown? By poorly made, i mean, it have darker colour than other teeth, shorter than teeth next to... READ MORE

Shall I get a crown for one tooth or all my front teeth? Please help

My issue with getting a crown is that of course when I first get it done, it will match the shade of my teeth but as we all know teeth get darker... READ MORE

Can internal bleaching of front tooth with root canal be conducted after a crown fitted?

I've had a crown replaced (which is off good quality) but my dark tooth stub underneath still shines through the top half of the crown and root area.... READ MORE

Old tooth is making my crown look dark. How can I get rid of this? (Photo)

I recently had my metal crowns replaced with porcelain ones. 4 in total. All front teeth. 2 of my teeth required root canal treatment. Now Iam getting... READ MORE

I have discolored crown due to tooth underneath. What treatment would you recommend?

2 years ago I went to a private dentist and had an old NHS root canal redone and had the crown replaced on one of my front teeth. In the last six... READ MORE

Crown appears dark in certain lights. How can this be fixed? (photos)

I had a crown down a week or so ago and noticed that it appears dark in certain lights. I am very unhappy as the entire point of the crown was because... READ MORE

How to cover dark area to a crown?

I had two crowns fitted but to get the bite right my dentist had to file them down. This has exposed a dark area on the biting surface and is visible... READ MORE

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