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Temp Crown Cracked. My Next Appt is in a Week. What Should I Do?

My temp crown cracked and the back fell off but the front is still on. I am have very little pain if any at all. What should I do ? my next... READ MORE

Can They Still Put my Crown on when my Tooth Fell Apart Near the Gum? I Have the Tooth Still Should I Keep It for Them?

I had a root canal done a while back but been waiting for my crown but now my tooth fell apart near the gum would they still be able to put the crown... READ MORE

Could I have a crack underneath my crown?

I bit something hard with the back side of my crown (top molar) and began feeling discomfort. I then flossed it and it began to hurt so bad. I took... READ MORE

How Long Can I Use Temp Crown on my Back Tooth?

The tooth cracked while I was abroad an my insurance company said that I should not get the permanent crown abroad but rather wait 2.5 months with the... READ MORE

What is the Warranty on a Molar Dental Crown Which Cracked and is Less Than 1 Year Old?

My #31 crown cracked on the outside as I was eating a creamy peanut butter and jelly sandwich. It still has temporary cement on it. I have no idea if... READ MORE

Is a Crown Appropriate for a Cracked Front Tooth?

I have a vertical crack along my front tooth. It can't be seen by the naked eye but when my dentist put a light behind the tooth I could see it. She... READ MORE

Why won't a crown treat a tooth cracked below the gumline?

I have a cracked tooth.  I don't know how badly the tooth is cracked.  I went for my crown the other day and when I tested the temporary... READ MORE

Allergy to veneers, crowns? Is it possible that I am reacting to the cement used to adhere the veneers and crowns?

I had 10 veneers, five crowns several months ago. I've had metallic taste, pain eating, extreme fatigue. When I have a deadening agent injected, I... READ MORE

Is a porcelain inlay/onlay or resin filling better for a cracked molar?

I have a cracked (not big) molar tooth. Doctor offered a crown or "to try" resin filling, but warned that tooth may crack more. I read that porcelain... READ MORE

Should I Find Another Dentist if Crowns Are Shattering from this Particular Office/Lab?

My dentist told me that sometimes a crown will shatter while he is putting it on? Should I find a dentist that uses a different lab? I've had two... READ MORE

Cracked and decaying tooth: Can anything be used except a crown, to seal the crack? Is filling/bonding a good idea? (photo)

I was told that I have a crack and decay. It does not hurt and not sensitive. Dentist offered ONLY crown to prevent tooth from splitting more. As I... READ MORE

I now have a temporary crown after suspicion of cracked tooth syndrome. Still painful?

The guess that I had a cracked tooth syndrome, I now have a temporary crown. My doctor told me not to eat with the temporary crown side and 5 days has... READ MORE

Crown on Tooth with Jagged Angles - Both at Gum Line and Tooth Itself is Split Down Middle? (photo)

Can a tooth crown be attached vertically on #20 premolar?? That leaves the front of the tooth alone. The gum line is jagged and recessed due to... READ MORE

Feeling my crowns crackling and clicking..?

3 years ago I got crowns on my front 2 teeth, I was getting annoyed with porcelain veneer as my black dead tooth kept showing through. But sometimes I... READ MORE

Why do I have aching pain in jaw month after crown and endodontist says I don't need root canal?

I cracked my tooth and had a dull, aching type of pain on the inside of my jaw, below the tooth, that extended from my jaw to my ear from the time I... READ MORE

Will my front teeth crack while removing the old crown and will I need root canal after the replacement?

I did not like the color of the crowns. there are gabs between the crowns. one tooth is not fully covered with the crown. READ MORE

Why do my cerec crowns keep cracking?

I've had two chip away between teeth, and one just cracked in half while eating an oreo. These crowns are between 2 and 5 years old. Do I need a new... READ MORE

Should 2 root-canal tooths and a good permanent tooth be fused together like one tooth?

Two 20 year old front crowns #8, #9 with posts and one cracked tooth #10. The old crowns looked terrible, pulled away from the gum and caused me to... READ MORE

I had root canal done on a tooth with a crown. The porcelain part cracked off and there are fractures. Do I need a new crown?

Root canal was done on a tooth with a porcelain crown, the kind with a metal base. A corner of the crown completely came off and there is a horizontal... READ MORE

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