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Normal for Metal to Show on Cap/crown?

I just had 2 lower molars crowned. On both there is quite a large ugly margin of metal showing on the inside and there is also a fine line of metal... READ MORE

Are Your Bottom Teeth Suppose to Hit Your Crowns? And Do the Crown Suppose to Cove the Entire Tooth? (photo)

I recently got 4 crowns on my front teeth, I am regretting making this choice because I didn't do my research, I guess I used them for my son braces,... READ MORE

Isn't a dental crown supposed to cover the entire prepared tooth below?

Had a root canal and crown done on upper last molar right side about a month ago.At the time of putting on crown I could tell my dentist was... READ MORE

Can a crowned tooth over-erupt / hyper-erupt? (photos)

This is a follow up to a question of mine regarding my tooth that has over-erupted due to my retainer not covering my back teeth. If I get the tooth... READ MORE

Why permanent porcelain crown causes pain and hurts?

I have covered my front teeth with porcelain crown. A day after front tooth started aching. This tooth has root canal and it is being three days since... READ MORE

Can old crown silver at gum line be covered? (photos)

I have a back molar that shows when I smile and the edge of old silver crown near gum line is showing. I had tooth filling put on it and it lasted 8... READ MORE

The crown made is not covering 1mm of tooth. Not cemented yet. What should be done?

A crown is not covering 1mm of my natural tooth. On front portion of the tooth doctor wants to add more porcelain over the bottom edge of the crown to... READ MORE

Crowns to cover metal posts?

Can you tell me what the best material in a crown would be to cover metal posts? These would be for the front teeth. Thank you. READ MORE

Should tooth be completely covered by dental crown?

I recently had four crowns done on 4 teeth after root canals. The bottom of the teeth in the back are visible. I am most concerned about one tooth -... READ MORE

Dental Crown advice.. Any suggestions? (photos)

My dentist says I need 4 crowns in the front. #7 8 9 & 11. Is this correct? I'm not sure if this would be covered under my insurance.. Would this be... READ MORE

My crown cover the gum. Is this normal?

Recently I have a crown made, however one side of the crown is cover my gum (about 4mm of the gum), is there any problem if the crown cover my gum? it... READ MORE

Crown doesn't cover my whole tooth. Should I ask for a new crown? Is this normal? (Photo)

I have other crowns that go to my gum line with no gap whatsoever. This new crown does not and my tongue keeps wanting to touch it because it's sharp,... READ MORE

If a crown isn't covered with porcelain and silver showing is it more sanative?

New crown, filled down to fit properly but now tooth has silver showing on bottom where enamel is gone READ MORE

How to cover dark area to a crown?

I had two crowns fitted but to get the bite right my dentist had to file them down. This has exposed a dark area on the biting surface and is visible... READ MORE

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